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Re: Kingwood water     02/11/2016
@allymansfield: The city of Houston was relocating some fire hydrants and they also had a water ... More »
Re: Kingwood Park HS parents     02/11/2016
@donnatella: My boys only close their room doors at night to keep the cat out.  Their doors are... More »
My independent Water Test...Not good!     02/10/2016
@Burnsway: Say what? Please don't go on the news and say that. Animals can drink from stree... More »
Re: Kingwood Park HS parents     02/10/2016
Weird;  I have two teenage boys and neither them nor their rooms stink.  They shower pretty much e... More »
Re: How I would fix Flint's water     02/10/2016
@Safety44: Yep - it's no good growing up near a lead smelter.  But it would not have been pract... More »
Re: Fatal Wreck     02/10/2016
59 is clear around KWD.  I would take an alternate from 59 into Kingwood, rather than KWD, if that ... More »
Re: How I would fix Flint's water     02/10/2016
@beastmode: Yep - at what point is it even worth spending the public money to fix it?  Pay the ... More »
Re: Oh My ..Channel 2 just called     02/10/2016
@staylifted: I think there are TCEQ  or EPA requirements on disclosures on drinking water q... More »
Re: Is this racist?     02/10/2016
It sounds like he may have been under the influence, since he attacked another person with the sword... More »
Re: Kingwood Park HS parents     02/10/2016
Didn't get a text, but maybe my wife did. Don't see anything on their home page.... More »
Re: What can I say..     02/10/2016
You are just trying to get some more of us to develop a man-crush on you.  So I guess some could co... More »
Re: Squirrels in attic     02/10/2016
@tx96ag: Having neighborhood cats is more likely to keep the squirrels away than attract them. ... More »
Re: Brown tap water??     02/10/2016
@angiekaye: I don't think that getting a little sediment (most of which was probably already in ... More »
Re: Brown tap water??     02/09/2016
Here you go folks.  They provide a water quality report each year.  Check for Kingwood from the ci... More »
Re: Employment falls below 5% according to NY Times and Jimmie Fallon?     02/09/2016
May want to edit title to say "Unemployment".  Don't know if you can change a thread title though.... More »
Re: Where would you go?     02/09/2016
@Odin: I've been to much of Europe (good idea if you haven't though, and spring is best.  Winte... More »
Re: Water color brown     02/09/2016
If the COH is tying in new lines or replacing sections of old lines you will have this.  You will a... More »
Re: CVS Screw Up     02/08/2016
Were they little blue pills?  Maybe it was a free sample?... More »
Re: Very happy for Manning     02/08/2016
Definitely a great way for him to go out; on top.  Given his body's injuries over the years, I hope... More »
Re: Yes!!!!! 😀     02/08/2016
I'm an all sport fan, and grew up balanced on baseball and football.  Basketball is boring, the sea... More »

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