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Re: NE Patriots     11/30/2015
@sweetie: No need to be nice - Giselle will make Tom feel better with a new pair of Ugg boots! ... More »
Man Kills Waffle House Worker After Being Asked To Stop Smoking     11/28/2015
@sweetie: I've known a few smokers having a nic fit who got pretty desperate. None of them a... More »
Mountain lion in Kingwood?     11/28/2015
@chilladahun: I too am aware that the original cougar idea came from the guy that came from ... More »
Here we go again...cold AND wet.     11/28/2015
@analogkid: Ditto! Went for a long run this morning. Felt great!... More »
Mountain lion in Kingwood?     11/28/2015
@allymansfield: Cougars are all over the state of Texas. That is why the University of Houst... More »
Re: Kids are STUPID!!!     11/25/2015
@dotti573: It works, doesn't it?  When I was a youngster, my source of income through college w... More »
Re: Camping vacation     11/25/2015
You can probably borrow some of the gear from a friend if you are tent camping for the first time, a... More »
Camping vacation     11/25/2015
It depends on how you do it. Tent camping, if you have most of the gear, is cheap. Having to buy a b... More »
Re: A crappy day for cars for me     11/25/2015
Hang in there.  Sometimes I feel the same way when things break down and I'm either really busy on ... More »
Re: 3b's     11/25/2015
@Annie: Yes, but free range is organic and non-GMO! ... More »
Re: Manziel demoted to 3rd string QB     11/24/2015
Manziel is definitely a first rounder.  He just can't stop at second round, third round, fourth rou... More »
Re: Laminate Wood Floors or Berber Carpet     11/24/2015
We bought engineered hardwood floors and had a guy install.  It turned out great, and I like the fe... More »
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter Meaning     11/23/2015
Love that song and a bunch of their songs. Far far better musicians than most of the garbage we hea... More »
ISIS Jihadist converts to Christianity, after seeing Jesus in his dreams     11/21/2015
On about page two of this thread, I considered posting and then thought better of it as it was heade... More »
Re: Wesson got out again!     11/20/2015
@allymansfield: Bingo!  ... More »
Re: Dog question     11/20/2015
@Fallon: Agree with all the above.  Best bet:  Get a nice big stuffed doggie for your kids.  ... More »
Re: $$$$$ Stupid insurance!!!!     11/19/2015
Call.  We had Farmer's and switched to Liberty Mutual.  It was considerably cheaper, but definitel... More »
Re: I need a Starbucks translation     11/19/2015
When I go there, which is rare, usually at an airport or something like that, I just order a small b... More »
Re: It's official!!!     11/19/2015
Getting retirement funds in order ahead of paying off a mortgage implies that you will earn more on ... More »
Re: KDC Anniversary today for: Kait1448, HoustonBears, Boebears1, MrsGreen, ziggy, videoed1, agtz2011, snyder1968, retroc4t, gramtam, MissLilly, rachelu, Eagle Springs, ARRIAGA!!     11/19/2015
I just happened to see the auto-congrats anniversary note and did a little LOL.  I don't think I ca... More »

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