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Re: Arborist?     05/24/2016
We've used Forest Tree Service and were happy with the results.  They speak English and are bonded ... More »
Re: To the jagoff driving through the BB Elem school zone this morning     05/24/2016
@gringaloca: Would thank 1000 times if I could. ... More »
Re: To the jagoff driving through the BB Elem school zone this morning     05/24/2016
@gringaloca: It's for the flooding.  Or the zombie apocalypse.  Or both! ... More »
Re: bad cell phone coverage sucks     05/24/2016
@FoFa: Same with me - I can't call or receive a call many times in my house, or in certain parts... More »
Re: yoga pants     05/24/2016
@Jpgurl: Okay, I'll say it - what's the point of wearing "yoga pants" if you are not exercising?... More »
Re: Memorial day weekend     05/24/2016
Looking like 80% chance of rain Friday, going down to 40-50% on Sat/Sun.  I will be at a baseball t... More »
Re: STEVEN TYLER!!!     05/23/2016
Dude looks like a lady, but Dream On! :)... More »
Re: Kid outside CMS     05/20/2016
@PedroDePacas: It just depends on how they feel that day.  ... More »
Re: Golf cart ?     05/20/2016
I  view going on a golf cart just like a pod of people on bikes.  It doesn't bother me - it's best... More »
Re: Lawsuit call from the IRS!!     05/20/2016
@Odin: Thanks a lot Obama! ... More »
Re: Second Profession     05/19/2016
@FoFa: Going hydroponic might kill your hill country dreams, though.  They ain't got no water i... More »
Re: Convicted felon loose     05/19/2016
@pickles: If I heard someone rolling down blaring Abba I might draw my gun too!  :laugh: ... More »
Re: Salsa.......homemade     05/19/2016
Nice!  I like making my own salsa too, but lately have been going more of the guacamole route.  I ... More »
Re: Brats on wlh     05/19/2016
How about we encourage our kids to 1) Don't throw eggs at cars and 2) Don't smoke pot?  It seems li... More »
Re: Just for Fun: Things You Don't Say...     05/18/2016
So, how many kids do you want?  ... More »
Re: Man Screaming at Car on WLH near Creekwood     05/17/2016
 [/quote] @Chrisinkingwood: I saw that video! It was nutso![/quote] @yankeejessica: True... More »
Re: Brats on wlh     05/17/2016
@ForeCPA90: Cheaper, and probably organic too.  Or maybe free range organic! ... More »
Re: Brats on wlh     05/17/2016
Some of us do not take kindly to attempts to destroy property, or potentially cause us to veer off t... More »
Re: If you were going to sell your house     05/17/2016
You can choose to do some upgrades, but have to be careful as many buyers are looking for a house th... More »
Re: Dallas     05/17/2016
Don't know where in Dallas you will be, but if you are near Grapevine or Coppell go to Hard Eight BB... More »

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