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Re: Obama is turning over the Internet     09/30/2016
As long as we can still get free boobie pics online, I don't care who they turn it over to.  Just d... More »
Re: YAY!! Lady Gaga Superbowl Halftime Show, LOL     09/30/2016
She's got a great voice.  Allegedly, she doesn't believe in any lipsync action so it will be cool i... More »
Re: What did people expect Quanell makes me sick     09/30/2016
Quanell's answer sums it up though - and anyone dumb enough to bring their cash to him in the first ... More »
59 S @ 1960 accident     09/30/2016
Slow getting past it on the main lanes at 5:30 rubberneckers.... More »
Re: 80s movies montage     09/29/2016
@jpm: I grew up in SW Houston and I remember them there.  There was a little mom and pop shop w... More »
Re: Why do men do this?     09/29/2016
This man doesn't do it.  My wife doesn't want me along anyway as she's not much of a shopper, and t... More »
Re: It's soooo soooo nice out here again!     09/29/2016
Best weather since early June.  Ran 6 and didn't feel like I was going to die.... More »
Re: On a dark desert highway...     09/29/2016
There she stood in the doorwayI heard the mission bell... More »
Stomach Virus     09/28/2016
@Nurse3: And encourage lots of hand-washing!... More »
JJ out for season     09/27/2016
He's on IR so likely done for the year. They signed the Ninja off the street to replace his roster s... More »
Re: Selling a vehicle, need help.     09/27/2016
If it's a 2014 car, there really shouldn't be a need to put it in a lot somewhere.  When people dri... More »
Re: WHAT'S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST?     09/27/2016
Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (@analogkid)Cross country run like Forrest Gump.Spend a whole summ... More »
Re: Moles in my yard!!     09/27/2016
I've heard Dachsunds work well for this too.  Maybe someone will let you borrow one for a week.  ... More »
Re: RIP Arnold Palmer     09/26/2016
@Jherron: Weird - I thought all the guys from Def Leppard were already dead.  Who knew. ... More »
Re: AC compressor intermittently tripping breaker.     09/26/2016
@ZMAN: Good call.  It is a super easy switch.  Eventually, what would likely happen is that yo... More »
Re: Shooting in SW Houston     09/26/2016
They are now reporting the shooter has been captured, and still say several injured.... More »
Re: Hmmmm     09/26/2016
@ET: it basically says they have a fragile ego and are weak people in general that probably have... More »
Re: AC compressor intermittently tripping breaker.     09/26/2016
It's going to be the capacitor.  You can replace it yourself or call someone out.  Just make sure ... More »
Traffic, Dog Poop, Lawn Care, Politics and Riots     09/23/2016
@ZMAN: I love my babyback babyback babyback, Chili's, babyback ribs...... More »
I'm sorry it went down like this, but someone had to lose     09/23/2016
It's the politics of contraband.. ... More »

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