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Made in the USA is going to cost you     12/02/2016
@chilladahun: And if the consumer was a business who used what they paid for the product as a ... More »
Re: 2100 and 1960     12/02/2016
@mutton: Ahhh, the good ole days.  I lived in Humble from 1993 to 2000, and drove old 59 when i... More »
Re: 2100 and 1960     12/02/2016
@ET: Don't forget 290.  It's been under construction since I was in high school.  ... More »
Re: Break ins     12/02/2016
Ok I'll say it.  We live in Houston, folks.  Who doesn't lock their doors or cars?  I grew up in ... More »
Re: Made in the USA is going to cost you     12/02/2016
[/quote] @ET: and there are people who think businesses pay taxes (and the taxes aren't passes... More »
Re: Is anything sacred anymore?     12/02/2016
@uneasyrider: Yep - think about how many parents don't require their kids to do anything.  They... More »
Re: Sleepless night     12/02/2016
I exercise enough that I haven't had any sleep problems except from jetlag in a decade or so.  Try ... More »
Re: Please don't judge or laugh...     12/02/2016
@FoFa: Wait, no disco?  Forget it then. ... More »
Re: Made in the USA is going to cost you     12/02/2016
@SwaggyG: I agree with you - it's worth the extra money for a good product (especially HVAC in o... More »
Re: Sarah Palin !!     12/01/2016
@thegoodwife: I think it was right before she starred in her movie, Who's Nailin Paylin.  I cou... More »
Re: Please don't judge or laugh...     12/01/2016
@monyhoney: Get a smart TV - you can connect to those from your TV and all you need is your same... More »
Re: Trailwood Village Dog Owner     12/01/2016
I'm glad they are not my neighbors - others have had good suggestions, but I like @donnatella's the ... More »
Re: brrr     12/01/2016
I agree - great sleeping weather.  Also great running weather, for me, at least.  It was 41 when I... More »
Re: Bad jet lag     11/30/2016
Hope you had a good trip.  The jet lag from that part of the world was always bad for me too.  I d... More »
Re: Weather?     11/29/2016
It's warm but about to cool off with a front coming through.  Weekend forecast shows cool with 70% ... More »
Re: Dog food choices     11/29/2016
@ET: The secret to a long life?  ... More »
Re: KPRC Breaking News     11/29/2016
@FoFa: Only one question/guess:  Was the k9 unit that became scared and bit its handler a pitbu... More »
Re: Automobile Emergency Survival Kit     11/28/2016
Good to have the basics already mentioned, but also either AAA or make sure you have tow truck compa... More »
Re: Might need to check on my neighbors     11/28/2016
I've done battle with the buzzards for three years now, as they return the same time each year (abou... More »
Why is the NFL Losing Its Audience     11/26/2016
College football has the same number and time of commercials, and a longer halftime, so I don't thin... More »

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