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Re: We need a "pet peeve" thread     05/03/2016
@Jeff1928: Could be a decent market for the dumbass stamp.  ... More »
Re: We need a "pet peeve" thread     05/03/2016
@villaindave: because they are looking down at their phone, instagramming how they look in their... More »
Re: Day 2 of being unemployed     05/03/2016
@ForeCPA90: Me too.  I have a lot of projects on the 'Pit (money pit) to take care of, so I fig... More »
Re: High water utility bill     05/03/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: It's one more reason the COH wanted to annex Kingwood.  They picked up th... More »
Re: Uhmmm, it COLD outside     05/03/2016
Felt great at the park this morning.  Love the drier air!... More »
Re: Will power, swill power, it isn't the answer     05/03/2016
I agree with some of what is in the article, but would also say that our bodies were made to move. ... More »
Re: Calling on nurses     05/02/2016
@YankeeInTX: Funny sarcasm, but I think the OP is not looking for medical advice but rather idea... More »
Re: Can we all take a minute..     05/02/2016
That'll work but @BooBear won't like being called Camelback. [/quote] @ET: Is that better or wor... More »
Re: 59 South Closed at San Jac River     05/02/2016
@Spork: 59 was closed when I ran through at 5:15, so at the time the OP posted, 59 was completel... More »
Re: 59 South Closed at San Jac River     05/02/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: According to transtar it still is.  You could go through Atascocita and Humbl... More »
Women Over 40...     05/02/2016
@mutton: Except for Caitlyn, of course...... More »
Re: So, Here's The Dealio What Transpired This Mornin'....     04/29/2016
Just so everyone, including the Yankees here know, roaches in Houston are not a sign of a dirty hous... More »
Re: Nest Thermostat     04/28/2016
Haven't used the nest, but have bought newer programmable thermostats, and I love them.  Easy to se... More »
Re: Tree fell on neighbors house.     04/28/2016
@MarT: If you have branches that come over your fenceline, cut as many of them down as you can.... More »
Re: Tree fell on neighbors house.     04/28/2016
@buffaloglenn: [img][/img]... More »
Re: Tree fell on neighbors house.     04/28/2016
It's usually the oaks and sweetgums that bite it during wind storms.  Pines rarely do.  Most of th... More »
Re: Can you get cigarette smoke out of house?     04/27/2016
@SwaggyG: A box fan wouldn't be necessary. Just use the whole house fan on your A/C. Renting an oz... More »
Re: Donating blood near KW?     04/27/2016
@JeepHair: I had a B teamer once, and it really turned me off from giving blood.  They couldn't... More »
Re: New Car Finances     04/27/2016
@BooBear: 0% at the same sales price is essentially a no-brainer in my opinion.  Now, if it's 0... More »
Re: Does anyone here have the Amazon Echo and Alexa?     04/27/2016
@EllaMentry: How rude!  :laugh: ... More »

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