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Re: Going to pamper myself today.     11/14/2014
I had to get an adult job to pay for all these adult bills & animals, I work 4-10's at an O&... More »
Going to pamper myself today.     11/14/2014
Hello all!!!! I hope everyone is doing super & enjoying this coZzZzyyy weather!!! Today I am off... More »
Dirty water...anyone else?     07/30/2014
I started a bath tonight and went to go do some things in the kitchen came back to a bathtub full of... More »
Blood Moon     04/15/2014
Did anybody wake up & see it? It was pretty awesome, actually very red. ... More »
Crawling out from under my rock     04/14/2014
Hello Everyone!! I felt such love from that post about my MIA. Other than doing lots of underwater b... More »
Re: Summerwood Father Arrested for Child Abuse     03/12/2014
that means someone only has to put up 1000K to get him out on bond, this is so disheartening & s... More »
Re: Alleged drunk driver causes deadly crash in Atascocita     03/10/2014
This is Craig Welch. ... More »
Re: Does anyone need a roomie?     03/07/2014
I agree, this is a large house and I'm wanting a semi stranger... More »
Does anyone need a roomie?     03/07/2014
I'm thinking about moving in a house, a really cute house at that! But I need a roomie to split the ... More »
Thinking of Going to Galveston This Spring Break? Think Again.     03/07/2014
If you don't like it, don't go! Don't gotta get all ugly about it!... More »
600 year old mystery manuscript decoded     02/20/2014
600 year old mystery manuscript decoded by University of Bedfordshire professor Fri 14th Febru... More »
Re: ALERT: Release The Puppies!!     02/20/2014
Re: First Kiss     02/14/2014
Wow! obviously I'm a late bloomer compared to you all. my first REAL kiss was 9th grade Vagelis (he ... More »
Re: BRUNCH     02/13/2014
Also Union Kitchen! ... More »
Re: What food can you not live without?     02/12/2014
@Okiedokie: You & me BOTH! I LOVE CHEESE. LOVE LOVE and also anything spicy, bring the two t... More »
Re: I want a good     02/12/2014
HEB has a good salad bar, I had one Monday had been awhile since I've gotten nutrition fr... More »
Re: Sprouts     02/11/2014
This was news 6 months ago & still we have confirmation it's true?... More »
Re: Winner! Tasting Room Contest...     02/07/2014
Oh man that's a good one!! COngrats!!... More »
Re: Ya know what's perfect on a cold and rainy day?     02/04/2014
You're so mean!!! That looks DELISH! ... More »

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