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Where to find fried turkey?     11/23/2015
Hello all! My family has decided that no one wants to cook for Thanksgiving so now we are looking at... More »
... More »
... More »
Thank you.     10/13/2015
To the lady that paid for my coffee at Starbucks this morning I just wanted to say thank you I don't... More »
Re: Slow-Cooker Osso Buco Recipes?     09/02/2015
Is it on sale? Did you clean out the Kingwood HEB?... More »
Re: Uber in Kingwood     08/19/2015
I've used it to get to and from the airport, $20.00 one way from where I live, not bad. ... More »
Transmission fluid change suggestions     08/14/2015
So I need to get my transmission fluid changed and somebody suggested that I go to Kings Crossing c... More »
Star of Bankok     08/13/2015
I love Thai food & there really isn't any good place (IMO) to get good Thai in Kingwood. We ate... More »
Re: Kingwood May Get Some New Neighbors     07/07/2015
mehhhh....It's already over crowded as it is. ... More »
Re: A man just committed suicide in front of our building     07/07/2015
Thank you everyone! I think everyone's just trying to get through the day. ... More »
Re: A man just committed suicide in front of our building     07/07/2015
I've never been exposed to it, so I'm just very taken back right now. ... More »
A man just committed suicide in front of our building     07/07/2015
I guess I'm in shock...I just feel very somber and everyone is quiet.He drove in the parking garage ... More »
Opinions on best Chinese food in KW     06/28/2015
I really like Jojo's for sushi too, 30% off till 5 pm ... More »
Grand Texas Theme Park...I'll believe it when I see it.     05/21/2015 More »
Re: Made some turkey chili     02/23/2015
I did this one and it turned out reallllllyyyy good!! ... More »
Made some turkey chili     02/23/2015
PERFECT weather for it, it's YUMMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!... More »
Re: Eagle Again...picture.     02/23/2015
... More »
Eagle Again...picture.     02/23/2015
I saw my Lake Houston Eagle again, this time I turned around to get a picture, love seeing America's... More »
Re: Still looking :(     02/20/2015
I do need interview tips for sure! I keep talking myself up and then when it actually happens I forg... More »
Still looking :(     02/20/2015
It's been a month on Thursday since I've been unemployed. I've had a couple of interviews but nothin... More »

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