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Re: GI Doctor     04/08/2015
George Nunez, Jr. M.D. 22999 Hwy 59 N. #176 Kingwood, TX 7733... More »
Re: need advise..spinal tap question     02/15/2015
I've experienced the same before.  I went to the ER & they said that sodium & caffeine help... More »
Re: Do people change?     01/09/2015
Yes, I believe people change and have seen it happen through the power of God in their lives.  ... More »
Re: Stay off the roads today!     03/22/2014
@CBP210: They were having an anniversary party somewhere on sorters ... More »
Re: Gay Friendly Church?     03/22/2014
Hopefully any church in the area.  Jesus loves everyone, not just those who consider themselves... More »
Re: Posting Contest - Movie Tickets!     04/19/2012
@Wooderson: I didn't see anyone answer your question, so I thought I would, lol. Nope, you're no... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
I think that you can find it at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  I know at Christmas time they have it...... More »
Re: Parabens     04/19/2012
@kingwooddiscgolf: because it is linking to cancer.  Parabens have been found in breast cancer.... More »
Re: Mentions     04/19/2012
@pharlap: My one did too!  :) ... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
Yes I definitely do!  Of course most everything that I use/consume in my house is organic now! ... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
nevermind, I clicked on the Facebook link & saw that your address is listed!  :)... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
Oh I see it now N+T.  I didn't want to "mention" you and add another mention to your growing list, ... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
Where are you located?  ... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
How long is the contest for?  I know you said that the winner will be announced tomorrow at 4, but ... More »
Re: Please vote for my friends daugther to be a Houston Texan's Cheerleader!     04/19/2012
@GoldenGirl: ROFL GoldenGirl, that's hilarious!  ... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
Adorable!  Have you contacted a local rescue group?!   Please don't just turn the dog over to the ... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
I read about her the other night when Fox26 aired here story.  I think it was Fox anyways.  So ver... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
curious....what are "mention" notices!?  Forgive me please, I'm new here!... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
Wow that's water I would actually get into, since you can see the bottom, lol!  Beautiful!... More »
Re:     04/19/2012
awww, how sweet!  Congrats!  Will this be your first?  Sorry I'm new hear, so I don't really know... More »

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