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Re: Dang it! AGAIN!!!     05/17/2016
I hope this black mass iis not on your ceiling.... More »
I don't understand where the "Hidden" part comes in.  If it was in the contract, was it too small t... More »
Re: Flood insurance     04/25/2016
There are only two types of people in Houston. Those whose house has flooded and those who house has... More »
Re: Seahorse owners?     04/22/2016
@Feelin  We had seahorses many years ago and they were very cool to watch.  You need a salt water ... More »
Re: Write a sad story only using 3 words!     03/14/2016
Is it in?or so I've heard.... More »
Re: Would you let your family live in this??????     03/13/2016
I believe that you all are missing the main point.  This person needs our money and I would like to... More »
Re: Cake     03/10/2016
Spammer by proxy.  Buy an ad .... More »
Re: Kingwood Fireman went above and beyond duty     03/08/2016
Take him a batch of cookies at his firehouse.... More »
Re: Newfie Rescue     02/25/2016
@cajunmom,I saw the Crosby Loop and assumed it was Crosby Texas.  Sorry about the mis-direct.... More »
Re: Newfie Rescue     02/25/2016
This is all I know.  I can maybe get you a phone number."It is 6:15 in the morning and the dog is s... More »
Newfie Rescue     02/25/2016
I could be mistaken, but I thought someone on this board was into Newfie's or newfie rescue.  Pleas... More »
Re: Possums?     02/16/2016
Someone on the classifieds has a trap for sale. More »
Re:     02/15/2016
Quit being a spammer.  All ads belong in the classifieds.... More »
Re: Hey there :)     01/08/2016
Welcome... More »
Re: woman killed on bridge     12/22/2015
I must disagree with @WJo a bit.  Today if someone yells help, many people will run to see what hap... More »
Re: Jobs hiring in Elm grove/northpark area?     12/19/2015
@j7799  You must have confused this board with the one where you make the rules.  If you post, oth... More »
Re: Missing Asian mom/grand mother?     12/16/2015
I for one am certaintly glad someone took her off the streets.  I just  heard on the radio this mo... More »
Re: Missing Asian mom/grand mother?     12/15/2015
Did you check to see if she was chipped?... More »
Re: Feral Hog Issue     12/07/2015
Quit spamming the forum.  Buy a classified ad and quit cheating the system.... More »
Re: Where is all the smoke coming from?     12/06/2015
There must be a fire.... More »

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