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Things you can buy with "food stamps" cards     12/05/2016
@Retired_Engineer @ForeCPA90 : you can not buy any food that has been prepared and ready to eat.... More »
Train     12/05/2016
No- not directly- it would be quicker to drive or cheaper and also quicker to fly. You'd have to tak... More »
Re: Teens decorating their room with Christmas lights     12/04/2016
Nope- both of mine wanted to do XMas and Halloween when they were teens-15 years ago. I had no prob ... More »
Re: Houston Area Lakes     12/03/2016
There is a bike trail that starts by Costco and parallels the San Jac all the way to Spring. Lol hav... More »
Houston Area Lakes     12/03/2016
Heck just this past May Conroe released water and the SAN Jac flooded as did Lake Houston. There was... More »
Re: Does anyone remember     12/02/2016
Bronners in MI is the coolest Christmas place EVER- I bought several really nice ornaments made in G... More »
Re: Floors are finally done!     12/01/2016
That does look better.I had some coloration differences when I grouted our tile- but it didn't show ... More »
Re: Home Exercise Equipment     11/30/2016
I have a Schwinn ( this bike is 18 years old and still in great shape- great brand)indoor bike-since... More »
Re: Please lift my neighbors in prayer     11/29/2016
@Fallon: Vthanks Fallon- but my life is a frigging cake walk compare to what they have been thro... More »
I've been wondering     11/29/2016
Can't help you- have no idea where/ what Slim Pickens is... More »
Please lift my neighbors in prayer     11/28/2016
Don't want to post details but this family could use some healing prayers... More »
Just got over a UTI     11/28/2016
Just FYI cranberry juice does NOT get rid of an UTI. What it MAY do ( not scientifically proven) is ... More »
Netflix: Cowspiracy Movie     11/26/2016
Agree it's good but family??? Mature thinking subject matter. Not sure the under 10 set has those ki... More »
FYI - L3 Turkey Trot today     11/24/2016
@myevilgrin: it was fun!! I beat last year's time!! There were more people this year- my age gro... More »
Re: FYI - L3 Turkey Trot today     11/24/2016
@ET: That's me later!!! ... More »
Re: Let's start cooking!     11/24/2016
Same to you and yours. Getting ready to do a run and then start cooking. Small crowde this year so r... More »
FYI - L3 Turkey Trot today     11/24/2016
For those of you out driving this AM- there's a 5 K running on Southbound WLH starting at 8:30 Gott... More »
Re: Now asking for privacy?     11/23/2016
Yeah I have the alerts tiurned off on my phone so I don't get them- the only reason I know about it ... More »
TV scam     11/22/2016
Must be scam day. I got a scam email and a scam phone call. My Nigerian prince is impatient!!!... More »
Re: Turkey Reminder     11/22/2016
@Fallon: Yea I'm not a fan either- I'm doing a chicken. I don't mind turkey the first time- but ... More »

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