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Re: Kingwood Events     10/21/2016
Looking forward to the Octoberfest!!! Hope the achnitzel is good!!!... More »
Re: Can girls/women have an Adams Apple?     10/20/2016
Could be a thyroid problem too- cyst, nodes, goiter ect... More »
Re: Help peeps-     10/20/2016
Thank you KDC peeps-I knew you'd help. I've got a good place to start!... More »
Help peeps-     10/20/2016
I need a neurologist recommendation please. Local would be great but willing to travel to the Med Ce... More »
Proverbs 3:3-4     10/20/2016
I esp love the pics-lol I'm a visual person!!!... More »
My dog is suffering 😥     10/20/2016
I guess it depends on the maturity of your 4 year old AND your ability to stay calm and help your da... More »
59N Northpark exit closed     10/20/2016
I must've squeaked through before the closure... More »
My dog is suffering 😥     10/20/2016
((HUGS))... More »
Re: FOUND Lost Pup. Maybe part German Shepard     10/20/2016
Hey go over to ADC- someone lost a GS over there... More »
Re: Isaiah 43:2-3     10/20/2016
Perhaps peace could reign if everyone ignores this poster- much like we all did with That one poster... More »
Re: Reefer madness....     10/19/2016
I'm thinking there's quite a few peeps on here lately that could use some edibles or smokes. Geez Lo... More »
Isaiah 43:2-3     10/19/2016
@Zoey: well I have lost a child and nearly lost my son this Spring. I do understand the pain and... More »
Re: Np shut down     10/19/2016
@Humble Mommy: Mine too!!!!! Just after making the left turn onto NP!!! I had to put it into ful... More »
Re: Mama said     10/19/2016
I'm having a day exactly like this!!!... More »
Re: Smoking permit New Caney H.S from 1976-77     10/19/2016
Zwe had a smoking area at our school. My sister and I forged our parents' signatures. School never c... More »
Re: Who wants to get back in shape before the holiday hits?     10/18/2016
@Txbutterfly: Ugh Spam- one of the extremely few foods I will NOT eat. I was happy to go to my... More »
Re: KHS Senior Parent Night     10/17/2016
We moved here my dd's senior year- I never got the whole point of senior grad night - ESP in light o... More »
I am sorry to see this year sucked for so many- but misery loves company and yes this year can't end... More »
Positive thoughts and prayers please     10/14/2016
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wee one and the doctors!... More »
Re: Big Handsome / Big Love's In The House.....     10/14/2016
@sweetie: Yep I'm a 2 timing Foster fail- sigh. I didn't want to foster a puppy- but our fosters... More »

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