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Re: Has there been crime reported in Kingwood     02/12/2016
@Fallon: We leave ours off- when it's dark both inside and out- it makes it easier for the pers... More »
Original GE double oven - troubleshooting     02/12/2016
@friday1: Yes we are aware of that- hubs has a minor in Electrical Engineering- it's been well... More »
Re: Original GE double oven - troubleshooting     02/12/2016
I'm going to scare you but here it goes. Our house in SC was built in '85- had a GE oven- like yours... More »
Antidepressants     02/12/2016
If you are having issues you should address them with your doctor. Everyone reacts differently to di... More »
Re: Where to get good Fish Fry on Fridays around here?     02/12/2016
I do know that Culvers has fresh Atlantic cod that's pretty good. And for all you Yankees ( @Yankeej... More »
Re: I hate nights like the last one     02/12/2016
I feel for ya!! Good luck with MILs dog!! It could recover for a bit. I've know of dogs that have ha... More »
Re: LOL     02/12/2016
@Weathergirl5: I am one of those people!! One cup of coffee or one Coke and you have to peel m... More »
Re: Netflix Suggestions     02/11/2016
Better Call Saul- it's hysterical. I've also watched The Arrow and The Flash. And I'm trying to get ... More »
Re: High Quality H2O!!!!!     02/11/2016
Wait I thought COH got its water from Lake Houston- the aqueduct runs from Lake Houston ( right befo... More »
Re: And the vultures have landed     02/11/2016
@staylifted: And they never stop hounding you- even after the house has been sold multiple times... More »
Re: Common Core is about ending "White Priviligege"     02/11/2016
I saw examples Of common core Math and I don't get it!! I have a BA in Psychology from a reputable M... More »
Re: Is Rigo's No Longer Rigo's?     02/11/2016
Hmmmm . We never had a bad meal there but I know more than a few had iffy meals and spotty service.¬... More »
Re: Are you giving your guy a Valentines Day present?     02/11/2016
We don't do V-Day- we don't do any of those kind of holidays- just. birthdays and Christmas. ¬†Guess... More »
Re: Dark pool finish     02/11/2016
@2danes: Well you have to go with the expert opinion but I will tell you that we had friends who... More »
And the vultures have landed     02/11/2016
@buffaloglenn: yeah they don't scare easily!! I had a close call with a flock (?) of them last s... More »
Am I just imagining this or is that time of year???     02/11/2016
My nose says it that time of year - I did have an allergic reaction to a drug I was taking earlier t... More »
And the vultures have landed     02/11/2016
@Ashley28: she's not talking about the birds. The actual vulture birds serve a purpose and are c... More »
And the vultures have landed     02/11/2016
NO Kidding!!!!! BTW- simple ph strips from pool companies and pet stores will tell you the PH of our... More »
Re: Kingwood water     02/11/2016
Well put @Buffalglenn. I would suggest that everyone educate them selves on water quality AND filtra... More »
Re: Oh My ..Channel 2 just called     02/10/2016
Well y'all may want to test your bottled water AND do some research on bottled water.¬†... More »

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