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Re: Favorite ghetto (ok..pc...inexpensive) drink?     06/28/2016
Little Kings Cream Ale- don't think you can get it here- went down smooth and easy... More »
Re: Well I may get a dog out of this trip     06/27/2016
Poor dog- yes he is stressed. Dogs do feel stress- and need structure and a firm hand. Dogs also fee... More »
Re: Daddy Jax     06/27/2016
Many prayers coming your way!... More »
Re: what is this growing in my backyard ?     06/26/2016
Need to see the leaves and/or root- on the ground or in. It looks like a garlic clove to me- could b... More »
Re: My Weinie dog just had a nice breakfast (10 Buffalo Wing Bones).     06/26/2016
Not one to panic BUT I'd get X-rays - if you wait until he starts having issues - blood in the stool... More »
Re: Is it too early?     06/25/2016
Nope- I am usually chomping on the bit waiting till 8 to get my outside stuff done - ESP in this hea... More »
Re: $33 for this?     06/24/2016
People need to get a life. I thought it would spiral down the building-that would be awesome- but 1 ... More »
Re: Finally got to my DS new home in Idaho and it is nice     06/24/2016
It is beautiful!! I love the house! I hope they will be very happy!!My Mom was born and raised in Wa... More »
Re: Vintage Candy     06/24/2016
Maybe they have them at On the Park?? There's also a web site that has the old candy- can't remember... More »
So, heard this at a gas station...     06/23/2016
@beastmode: Depends- how fast can you go on a racing bike? Hubs and I are both overweight- hub... More »
So, heard this at a gas station...     06/23/2016
How sad. i don't judge- I'm all about exercise is for everybody. Those women may ( or may not) hav... More »
Re: Requesting prayers sweet friends     06/23/2016
Sending my prayers and healing thoughts your way!!!!... More »
Re: Body Pump Gold's Gym     06/22/2016
@SleightOfHand: Men are always welcome 😜. ... More »
Re: Wonder if anyone else got this scam in the mail?     06/22/2016
Yep we got one today- filed it in the circular file... More »
Re: Body Pump Gold's Gym     06/22/2016
Yes it is for all levels. Go light- I've seen people do no weights or just the bar. We have the best... More »
Re: Pups need homes :(     06/22/2016
You might want to read your contract with Corridor- many rescues have a clause that you contact them... More »
Re: Stop Light Dangling on Chestnut Ridge & Kingwood Dr.     06/21/2016
@FoFa: I've been going through there daily for 2 weeks and didn't notice it either- I've been to... More »
Re: Advice Needed - Elderly parent with health issues     06/20/2016
So very difficult- you have an adult who has no guardian so basically she is in charge( I feel for y... More »
8 years financing on a mattress at Rooms To Go???     06/18/2016
The matress we bought 10 plus years ago and spent a butt load of money on has SUCKED from Day 1. I w... More »
Re: Spirit airline review     06/18/2016
Now on the opposite end of flying- I LOVE Lufthansa!!! We flew to GER last year and paid for Premium... More »

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