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Re: Favorite sad movies     09/26/2016
Steel Magnolias- witty and sadWing Beneath My Wings... More »
Re: Psychiatric hospitals     09/25/2016
@bluewave: Good luck- sometimes it takes months even years to get the right "cocktail". My son... More »
Re: Psychiatric hospitals     09/25/2016
Yeah Menninger is extremely pricey. Have you tried The Pines up front in Kingwood? We have not had a... More »
Re: YMCA 6th grade dance     09/24/2016
@Champagnechola: It's a myth that you get more patient as you age!!! I'm old and can be outright... More »
Please help identify this weed     09/22/2016
This is my observation and I don't even know if there is any truth to it- maybe garden peeps can chi... More »
Re: Who uses the ignore feature?     09/21/2016
I have one person on ignore- ¬†every once in a while he comes back with a different name and starts ... More »
Re: I wish there was a gym on Kingwood Drive     09/19/2016
There is one- Embody. It's katty corner to Stein Mart. In the same parking lot as Chelsea's, School ... More »
Re: in case you don't feel old enough...     09/18/2016
@ProblemAgain: Omg how did I not know this???? He in I were going to get married - yep I was 8 a... More »
Re: Going to get my 1st mammogram     09/15/2016
I have fibrocystic breast disease and caffeine can make the cysts tender. I have not had any pain wh... More »
Re: Wow - Kingwood fire station was unmanned Monday     09/15/2016
I have a nephew who is a paramedic and fire fighter. You can't believe the BS calls that send emerge... More »
Re: Dairy queen     09/15/2016
... More »
Re: Tomorrow is     09/15/2016
Prayers and positive thoughts!!!!!... More »
Re: My school zone rant     09/15/2016
@Stealth83: While I agree I would like to add- the man was in the crosswalk - half way across th... More »
My school zone rant     09/15/2016
To the woman in the white sedan on Mills Branch in the school zone. GET OFF the Friggin Phone - and... More »
Re: Prayers Requested     09/13/2016
My thoughts and prayers are always with you!! I think about you daily and admire your strength... More »
Re: Is there?     09/13/2016
And also the kitchen is the most humid room in the house- going to be impossible to keep that wallpa... More »
Re: Watcha eating for dinner?     09/13/2016
Scrambled egg with spinach and bacon crumbles and topped with cheddar cheese- a ac lice of 9 brain b... More »
Re: Dog cage/kennel     09/13/2016
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: Sometimes we owners are our own pets worse enemies!!!! ... More »
Re: Dog cage/kennel     09/13/2016
You don't want it too big. Just big enough for the dog to turn around in and tall enough that the do... More »
Re: Police activity     09/13/2016
@ctl74: I assumed a EMT - that was wrong of me. I have seen a silly wife of one EMT who shared p... More »

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