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My apologies, I was wrong to get so upset over remarks here     07/30/2016
No worries - I've totally had to duct tape My mouth and hands these last few months- and it was tot... More »
Re: Police at KHS     07/29/2016
@Fallon: Yep the blew us away on Ford rd/494. When we got back into KW we saw lights flashing fu... More »
Coldplay - Johnny B. Goode with Michael J. Fox     07/29/2016
@CantStandTex: I just binge watched all 3 of those movies last weekend!!!! ... More »
Re: Possibly a stupid question but...     07/29/2016
@Fallon: Totally agree!!! My ds bought a matching sofa and love seat at HAAM for 200.00 and it w... More »
Re: Take a break from political garbage     07/29/2016
@bubbleyes72: I love both of those movies. My fav is Stel Magnolias. I'm binging Outlander- who... More »
Re: Bad News For Kelsey Patients Using BCBS     07/27/2016
I am soooooooooo PO'd at BCBS right now I could..........( fill in the blank)They dropped our son fr... More »
Possibly a stupid question but...     07/27/2016
I know peeps in the industry but no one willing to part with their perks. I suggest Skype- not the ... More »
The World is Full of Idiots     07/24/2016
I was sitting in a platz one day waiting for the clock on a church strike noon so I could hear the g... More »
stock up........nuts are on sale!     07/23/2016
My Dad being the guy he was "enticed" .... Read made us eat weird things. He introduced us to Rocky ... More »
what did you do b4 the internet?     07/23/2016
Same thing as I do now except I save time researching stuff instead of going to the library and doin... More »
Re: Tetanus shot question     07/23/2016
Redo clinic @ HEB... More »
Re: Dealing With Protesters     07/23/2016
Lol- he reminds me of my Dad- how I miss him. He always used to say- " Quit your crying or I'll give... More »
Re: Low water pressure. Mills Branch. Anybody else?     07/23/2016
Low here in Sand Creek as well. We're right off KW Dr... More »
Re: When did it become ok to use Q?     07/22/2016
Questioning??? Never heard of that- I have heard the term gender fluidity but that refers to someone... More »
Re: McDonald's concerns over fresh beef     07/22/2016
@beadweaver and @TheTruthHurts- I totally would've waited- but I've been sick with an infection and ... More »
Re: Requesting prayer     07/22/2016
@Ann2800: Ok NOW you've done it- you made it to my daily prayer list!! That's an achievement!! A... More »
McDonald's concerns over fresh beef     07/22/2016
I ate there last week- first time in 10 years. And I would've kept going on that record but was eith... More »
Re: Missing Tortoise Sucata     07/21/2016
How big is he?... More »
Re: Biking the GBT     07/21/2016
I especially cringe when I see Mom or Dad with a bike seat carrier- baby/ toddler wearing a helmet- ... More »
Re: Biking the GBT     07/21/2016
No it is not mandatory to wear a helmet on the greenbelt- BUT I highly recommend it. I've been a cyc... More »

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