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Re: Best Christmas present     01/13/2014
@mpjp0907: What's the difference between the Vue & the normal one again?... More »
Re: Who's with Me...     01/13/2014
Sooo then I'm the only person who thought this looked fun?... More »
Favorite leftovers     01/13/2014
@WskyTngoFxtrt: Some people are just into that sort of thing. You know what I meant. ... More »
Favorite leftovers     01/13/2014
My #1 fav is my leftover gumbo. It's always better the next day!! Leftover spaghetti is today's lunc... More »
Favorite leftovers     01/13/2014
When you cook yourself at home, what is your favorite thing to eat the day after you've cooked it? W... More »
It's 3:30am...     01/13/2014
@BowtieGuy: 3:15pm appointment. Can't come soon enough.... More »
It's 3:30am...     01/13/2014
I think the poor baby's got the flu. She's sore, shaking, stuffy, & throat hurts. It was a long nigh... More »
chat??     01/13/2014
@BowtieGuy: lol I like that. :) ... More »
chat??     01/13/2014
@BowtieGuy: Nope. My momma's always said "If everyone in the world threw their problems into a... More »
chat??     01/13/2014
@BowtieGuy: Liar. I never say that.... More »
2014 Rodeo Lineup     01/13/2014
Dang I love the rodeo! We take DD every year & sometimes we go twice on date nights with just DH & m... More »
Annoying Commercials     01/13/2014
@mm4731: Girls don't fart. ... More »
Well that's depressing     01/13/2014
@BowtieGuy: That wont last long though. And I'm sure you knew how to cuss long before I came... More »
It's 3:30am...     01/13/2014
DD is up sick & DH is talking in his sleep. I just want sleep. Just a little bit. :(... More »
Single people?     01/12/2014
@vrab: I believe you're supposed to ask for @BooBear's party of 15 or more.... More »
Best Christmas present     01/12/2014
DD's still loving her 32" flat screen & xbox 360. Uses both daily (hour cap on the xbox) as well as ... More »
While football is on...     01/11/2014
DH doesn't watch football & I only watch the Texans so I haven't had to find something else to do. I... More »
happy birthday Lola!!!!!     01/11/2014
@BooBear: 28th, but thank you lol... More »
happy birthday Lola!!!!!     01/11/2014
Happy birthday @Lola :party:... More »
Re: Puertos Tacos y Cervezas     01/11/2014
Everyone commented on the 'ritas & salsa, but how are the TACOS?! lol... More »


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