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Kids & social media     02/20/2014
@CBP210: Oooh Santa brought my mini me an Xbox 360 for Christmas. No online play at all thou... More »
Re: True Detetective     02/20/2014
LOVE this show! I don't watch much tv at all, but this is one I actually watch weekly & really enjoy... More »
Favorite KDC Avatar??     02/20/2014
@Drekonix: Especially because he resembles Tom Hardy. :)... More »
Smashburger     02/20/2014
Like @thegoodwife, @fallon, & @roxy all said, smashburgers are just a greasy mess. Their burgers & f... More »
sugar for breakfast?     02/20/2014
@taramay it honestly depends on how much time we have. If she took forever to get up & get dressed l... More »
Re: Club Penguins     02/20/2014
@CBP210 DD doesn't play, but she has a cousin who plays club penguin & it's like most kids games- pr... More »
Re: Kids & social media     02/20/2014
@CBP210: Hey @CBP210!! Glad to see you on KDC!! That makes 2 of us though! Thank goodness ours... More »
Re: Welcome to the message boards CBP210     02/20/2014
Welcome to KDC @CBP210!! So glad to see you here! You are easily one of my fav posters from ADC!! Ho... More »
Re: Favorite KDC Avatar??     02/20/2014
@Okiedokie because I :heart: Harley Quinn! @topcat's is pretty amazeballs too because I also :hea... More »
Re: Favorite KDC Poster(s)     02/20/2014
@BooBear: We can't all almost always post 5 word perverted responses like you @BooBear. :)... More »
Re: Favorite KDC Poster(s)     02/20/2014
That's such a hard question!! I love you all. :angel:... More »
Re: Social security office     02/19/2014
@taramay: How do you change your name? I thought getting an ID with the new last name was how ... More »
Re: Thank you @SoChocolate!     02/19/2014
@SoChocolate I heard that y'all offer macaroons! Is this true? If so are they sold daily/ made fresh... More »
Re: Testing Emoticons.....     02/19/2014
And y'all forgot my favorite (thanks ┬áto @brightlights)[img] More »
Testing Emoticons.....     02/19/2014
What does RTFM mean?... More »
Social security office     02/19/2014
@WskyTngoFxtrt: I dunno, I'm up to 7 gray hairs... ... More »
Kids & social media     02/19/2014
I only brought it up because a friend of mine's 9 year old requested to follow me on Instagram & it ... More »
Kids & social media     02/19/2014
@Drekonix: Instagram is better than all of those. :)... More »
Update on Missing Humble Woman     02/19/2014
She was not mentally ill. Just because her card was used in Cali, that does not mean she was the one... More »
Kids & social media     02/19/2014
How young was your kid when they first got on social media of any form?? (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, F... More »


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