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XBox One     02/25/2014
We've got both an Xbox One & a PS4 & absolutely love both for different reasons. I say go for th... More »
Re: To Spank or Not To Spank     02/23/2014
@nikkiole: Is typed that before I saw your response to boo saying the research depicted how yo... More »
Re: To Spank or Not To Spank     02/23/2014
Nope, studies aren't my thing. This one is very evidently biased & offers no real research, just rec... More »
Re: To Spank or Not To Spank     02/23/2014
@BooBear: Never?? Like I said, different strokes for different folks. :grin:... More »
dinner     02/23/2014
We made turkey burgers, jalapeno sausage, salad, & baked beans. DD made everyone strawberry shortcak... More »
To Spank or Not To Spank     02/23/2014
@Katiemcg: See if you're singin' that same tune when she's a teenager. THAT is where I belie... More »
Re:     02/22/2014
@squirtismyboy: Pulp fiction!!! Favorite movie ever.... More »
Cracked I pad screen     02/22/2014
@Ddalcour: There's a kiosk in deerbrook mall that I saw advertising it. Downstairs near Visi... More »
Olympics....     02/22/2014
According to google, Tokyo is hosting 2020. :) ... More »
KDC Anniversary today for: Katiemcg!!     02/22/2014
Happy anniversary @katiemcg!! :party:... More »
Best place to take pics in KW     02/21/2014
Where is your favorite place to take pictures in Kingwood? There's going to be a photographer at the... More »
South Woodland Hills     02/21/2014
Those stupid rims really shouldn't be road legal.... More »
... More »
I got good new!     02/21/2014
So glad to hear @calliecat!! I'm not familiar with Barrett's, but I'm glad your biopsy was fine!!! :... More »
Re: Weekend Plans     02/21/2014
@dotti573: Thank you. DH hasn't seen it yet. He wanted to be surprised. I got him a matching t... More »
Re: The Walking Dead     02/21/2014
@Ann2800: Aww well let us know what you think. Hope you're feeling much better! ... More »
Heroes and Villians Run     02/21/2014
Y'all are crazy! This sounds AWESOME!!! but we have plans on the 1st. :( Seriously though, super her... More »
Weekend Plans     02/21/2014
@dotti573: Nope, I never did. BUT here it is. She's wearing this dress with some little silv... More »
Weekend Plans     02/21/2014
@calliecat: Hope everything is ok. I said a little prayer for you, just in case. :)... More »
To Spank or Not To Spank     02/21/2014
I spank my baby. She's an awesome kid so luckily I don't have to do it often at all, but when it's w... More »


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