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I could really go for     03/15/2014
I could really go for some cap'n crunch with crunch berries. I haven't had them in years but damn do... More »
Any fun plans for the weekend?     03/15/2014
WORKING!! Today at least, but only until 2. Been here since 7 & it's dead. Gotta love those fat OT c... More »
How to kill 45 minutes     03/14/2014
@lola: The same job I was temping for this past fall, only now it's permanent, plus I got a ... More »
Keeping Kingwood Kleen     03/14/2014
Great idea/ cause/ effort, but the name needs some work. Every word starting with a K is very Kardas... More »
How to kill 45 minutes     03/14/2014
@Annie: No! lol. Never played & have no desire to start. I hear it's highly addictive & in t... More »
How to kill 45 minutes     03/14/2014
@mpjp0907: I apparently have the attention span of an ADHD toddler in a Chuck E Cheese who n... More »
How to kill 45 minutes     03/14/2014
How do you kill 45 minutes? I dyed my hair tonight for the first time since going from blue back ... More »
KDC Anniversary today for: Fallon!!     03/14/2014
8 years?! Congrats!! Happy anniversary @Fallon!! :party:... More »
Children Books     03/13/2014
@Drekonix: I want this!!!! lol... More »
Gift for a poodle lover     03/13/2014
@lola: No.... More »
Gift for a poodle lover     03/13/2014
@topcat: I first wanted to make her her favorite kind of cupcakes, but I found out she's on ... More »
Re: Gift for a poodle lover     03/13/2014
Hmmm... she wouldn't wear a pin, she DOESN'T cook, very particular with what she wears, doesn't real... More »
Gift for a poodle lover     03/13/2014
What would be a good gift for a poodle lover? Nothing tacky. My boss is also a long time family frie... More »
Chicken noodle soup     03/12/2014
What restaurant has decent chicken noodle soup I can pick up? Think I'm coming down with something. ... More »
Hair color question.     03/12/2014
I'd just bite the bullet & have a professional fix it. Maybe @BowtieGuy 's lady could help?... More »
Re: What radio station do you listen to?     03/11/2014
What is this radio station thing that you speak of?? :giggle: 94.5 104.1 96.5... More »
Re: Updates for CGM10SNE1...share please     03/11/2014
Hope all is well with ya. :)... More »
Is there a Doctor in the house???     03/11/2014
Zombie apocalypse. :monster:... More »
parttttyy!     03/11/2014
I'll bring booze, spray paint, duct tape, & a funnel!! J/K... I'm already in my PJ's, teeth... More »
HAPPY BIRTHDAY     03/11/2014
Happy belated birthday @Drekonix!! :happybirthday:... More »


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