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Kitty's Acting Funny     05/27/2015
DH got home at 2:15pm with the hair ball helper & he was acting totally normal! Thanks for asking! :... More »
Kitty acting funny     05/27/2015
@foxymama: My mom's got some of that stuff!! DH gets off work at 2! Going to have him swing ... More »
Kitty acting funny     05/27/2015
Ugh. Just called & our vet is closed from 12pm- 2pm. How convenient!!! My mom said her kitty gets... More »
Kitty's Acting Funny     05/27/2015
So I got this text & I'm worried sick. My cat is MY baby! Anyone experienced anything similar in the... More »
Bad Weather     05/25/2015
Not me! I love Texas summers. Bring them on! Was swimming for 4 hours today, was outside with DD for... More »
The Theory of Everything     05/24/2015
Absolutely adored Theory of Everything. He is a truly remarkable man.... More »
My first world problem...     05/23/2015
I want to take my bra off but I'm in public. Can we please go home now?... More »
casino     05/23/2015
Just leaving Fitzgerald's in Tunica, MS. DH won all of his money back & I won all of mine back but $... More »
How did you pick your user name?     05/23/2015
It's my name.... More »
what to do today?     05/23/2015
@Fallon: DH & I shared ribs & gumbo fries at Blue's Cafe on Beale St.! The gumbo fries were ... More »
You will need at least 2 friends to split this one.     05/23/2015
Might taste decent if it were made anywhere other than Applebee's. That place blows! :puke:... More »
what to do today?     05/23/2015
Beale St. in Memphis, TN right now. Casino in Tunica, MS tonight.... More »
Heavy rain event Sun-Mon     05/23/2015
Is it still raining down there? Not a drop here in Mississippi or Tennessee. Gorgeous weather in the... More »
men's resale shop     05/23/2015
Plato's Closet, The Woodland's location in the Sam Moon shopping center, has an awesome me 's select... More »
My little boy     05/23/2015
@yankeejessica: How freakin' awesome!!! Congrats to him!... More »
Snapchat     05/23/2015
@NewToTexas: You have to add me on return! I've been sending you crap but you haven't been g... More »
Piano Lessons     05/22/2015
@rena: PM sent... More »
Piano Lessons     05/22/2015
Anyone have kids that take piano lessons? Looking to start my 8.5 yr old on lessons & I'm not sure w... More »
... More »
I'm a cool Mom today     05/22/2015
Definitely makes you a cool mom! Bet he was stoked. ... More »

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