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Fav midnight snack     04/08/2014
@BooBear: Plus it tastes like sh!t without it.... More »
Where do you get motivation     04/08/2014
When you're warm & already in bed, but you know you need to go do a few things around the house befo... More »
Fav midnight snack     04/08/2014
@BooBear: HAS to have the crunch berries.... More »
Fav midnight snack     04/08/2014
@squirtismyboy: Well duh, haha. I guess I'm just really old for a young person, lol. Pizza, ... More »
Fav midnight snack     04/08/2014
@squirtismyboy: Good lawd! You're not afraid of having a heart attack or getting diabetes? l... More »
Fav midnight snack     04/08/2014
I know it's only 10:30pm, but on a weeknight, that's the equivalent of midnight for me, plus I ate d... More »
Fav midnight snack     04/08/2014
What's your fav midnight snack?... More »
Re: Winner!!     04/08/2014
@AntDog: If your wife is the awesome lady I'm almost positive you're talking about, I can assu... More »
Did anyone else know about the secret??     04/08/2014
The purple sprite at Sonic sounds pretty good! I'll have to try that! :)... More »
Just got great news!     04/08/2014
That is awesome news! So happy for you!... More »
Fire pit     04/08/2014
We have a metal/ iron one from Target. We use it quite a bit.... More »
Fast food raises     04/08/2014
@KTownTexican: All really great points!... More » Posting Contest - 838 Sushi Asian Restaurant Gift Certi...     04/08/2014
@BooBear: To me for my wonderful hunny who loves eating cat so much?... More »
Crazy guy on a bike     04/07/2014
@FU: Meth must be one hell of a drug. ... More »
Fast food raises     04/07/2014
@EddyFree: So now you're seeing it my way. :grin: As for the "you get what you pay for" ada... More »
That maddening sensation     04/07/2014
When a boo boo is healing, but you can't scratch it because you'll tear the scab & have to start the... More »
Fast food raises     04/07/2014
@BooBear: I only like cheese on filet o fish. It's not real fish so it doesn't count. I think ... More »
Fast food raises     04/07/2014
@Heathur: And the adults who make a living off of fast food during the day, well, some have ... More »
Fast food raises     04/07/2014
@EddyFree: I disagree. That maybe the case with some for sure, but a lot of teenagers who wo... More »
Karaoke     04/07/2014
I'm a diva in the shower & my car...... More »


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