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Crazy guy on a bike     04/07/2014
@FU: Meth must be one hell of a drug. ... More »
Fast food raises     04/07/2014
@EddyFree: So now you're seeing it my way. :grin: As for the "you get what you pay for" ada... More »
That maddening sensation     04/07/2014
When a boo boo is healing, but you can't scratch it because you'll tear the scab & have to start the... More »
Fast food raises     04/07/2014
@BooBear: I only like cheese on filet o fish. It's not real fish so it doesn't count. I think ... More »
Fast food raises     04/07/2014
@Heathur: And the adults who make a living off of fast food during the day, well, some have ... More »
Fast food raises     04/07/2014
@EddyFree: I disagree. That maybe the case with some for sure, but a lot of teenagers who wo... More »
Karaoke     04/07/2014
I'm a diva in the shower & my car...... More »
I guess next time I post this..     04/07/2014
@Brat: You seem like a fun dude. You shouldn't have a problem finding someone. :)... More »
Fast food raises     04/07/2014
Are a joke. The vast majority of fast food workers just don't deserve raises. Especially the ones wh... More »
What a Monday..     04/07/2014
@Brat: For people born after 1960 (either '60 or '62, I'll ask.) the age has been raised to ... More »
What a Monday..     04/07/2014
@Brat: 41 more years to go for me since they raised the age up to 67.... More »
What a Monday..     04/07/2014
I didn't have a bad Monday, just a busy one. Good, just super busy. Still running around town gettin... More »
For @Haybugg ....Wherever she may be.....     04/07/2014
I agree whole-heartedly with all of that.... More »
Night owls     04/07/2014
@bp2018: You're the only one. 9pm is my ideal bedtime on weeknights. 11ish on weekends. 12 a... More »
I hope     04/07/2014
@mm4731: You're totes jelly. And it's not ass kissing if it's the truth!... More »
I hope     04/07/2014
@lola: @lola read the entire thread titled "kdc" lol... More »
If anyone needs me     04/07/2014
@mgw300e: I really hope this isn't a result of my reply on the cheating neighbors thread. Th... More »
Cheater's neighborhoods     04/07/2014
@mgw300e: I appreciate the apology, homie. If you ever do accidentally offend me, I will get... More »
I hope     04/07/2014
@Heathur: @Drekonix too. :)... More »
Re: I hope     04/06/2014
@BooBear: That too...... More »


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