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Star Wars     04/19/2014
I got DH &DD both darth vader head eggs & then I got DH a darth vader chocolate bunny. I'm also watc... More »
UFC fights     04/19/2014
Who's fighting? I'm more into boxing but I'll watch UFC when the fighters are good.... More »
Gay life in Kingwood     04/19/2014
@DiverDude: Yeah, I'm a little off. :grin:... More »
Gay life in Kingwood     04/19/2014
@TaxedtoDeath I think that Montrose is just about the only place in the greater Houston area that yo... More »
Decisions are hard     04/19/2014
@topcat: That's where we went. Not because of the no tip part, lol. Just because we wouldn't... More »
Decisions are hard     04/19/2014
I said we should just go home & sleep but he insists we eat to avoid dehydration. #buzzkill... More »
Decisions are hard     04/19/2014
Denny's, Spring Creek, or Free Bird's?? I'm so hungry from soccer games & egg hunts... just doing st... More »
Are you difficult at restaurants?     04/18/2014
Have you ever been the difficult customer at a restaurant? We're at Red Lobster right now & I feel l... More »
This is from Pizza Hut?     04/18/2014
I'd be pissed. You should have picked up Pappa Murphy's.... More »
Chopstick or spoons     04/16/2014
Depends on what I'm eating & who I'm with. Chopstick for sushi for. If the people I'm with are using... More »
Watch as a model gets "UN" Photo Shopped     04/15/2014
And now I want pizza. Thanks.... More »
Captain America Winter Soldier     04/15/2014
We really liked Winter Soldier!! I don't watch 3D movies as it is though. ... More »
The Chair     04/14/2014
Not a chance would I let it stack up like that. My OCD would kick into overdrive. Clean laundry gets... More »
What's for dinner?     04/14/2014
Grilled cheese & chicken noodle sounds pretty awesome.... More »
Wedding invitations     04/14/2014
Where did you get yours & how much were they? Do you know of any areas that do nice invitations at a... More »
School dress code & tank tops     04/13/2014
@Burnsway: That's like a boys wife beater tank top undershirt though. It's not that kind of ... More »
Re: School dress code & tank tops     04/13/2014
@BooBear: We bought her a few outfits & dresses from Justice yesterday & I just realized that ... More »
School dress code & tank tops     04/13/2014
Does HISD allow girls to wear tank tops to school? Not spaghetti straps or wife beaters, just a norm... More »
***Do You Have a Favorite Saying/Quote?***     04/13/2014
-"If we all threw our problems in a pile & you saw everyone else's, you'd grab yours back quick." ... More »
its saturday night....     04/13/2014
@sunshinegirl: Pacquiao won btw. Unanimously. Was an AWESOME fight, especially for Pacquiao... More »


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