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What's for dinner?     04/14/2014
Grilled cheese & chicken noodle sounds pretty awesome.... More »
Wedding invitations     04/14/2014
Where did you get yours & how much were they? Do you know of any areas that do nice invitations at a... More »
School dress code & tank tops     04/13/2014
@Burnsway: That's like a boys wife beater tank top undershirt though. It's not that kind of ... More »
Re: School dress code & tank tops     04/13/2014
@BooBear: We bought her a few outfits & dresses from Justice yesterday & I just realized that ... More »
School dress code & tank tops     04/13/2014
Does HISD allow girls to wear tank tops to school? Not spaghetti straps or wife beaters, just a norm... More »
***Do You Have a Favorite Saying/Quote?***     04/13/2014
-"If we all threw our problems in a pile & you saw everyone else's, you'd grab yours back quick." ... More »
its saturday night....     04/13/2014
@sunshinegirl: Pacquiao won btw. Unanimously. Was an AWESOME fight, especially for Pacquiao... More »
during my nap     04/12/2014
@BooBear: They're usually holding magnifying glasses while pointing & laughing at him. :gigg... More »
Matching girl outfits     04/12/2014
@Irispixies: Have you tried looking on etsy? What exactly are you looking for? Lots of talen... More »
its saturday night....     04/12/2014
I'm with some of my favorite people ready for the Pacquiao fight!! DH & I brought over pizzas, wings... More »
Fro Yo near the front of KW     04/12/2014
@mpjp0907: .42 cents an ounce ... More »
Fro Yo near the front of KW     04/12/2014
Ummm this is my first time at a Tutti Frutti. We always go to Berry Bar. I think Tutti Frutti is my ... More »
Fro Yo near the front of KW     04/12/2014
@mpjp0907: YOU ROCK!! It's Tutti Frutti. We were by Kohl's driving toward 1960 when you wrot... More »
Fro Yo near the front of KW     04/12/2014
Can anyone tell me where a frozen yogurt place at the front of Kingwood is located? Our fav is Berry... More »
Who is doing something fun this weekend?     04/11/2014
-Work until 2 tomorrow, DD also has a soccer game, hitting up local businesses to sponsor said socce... More »
What helps you sleep?     04/11/2014
Sweet, sweet lovin' & that's about it when I genuinely can't sleep. Browsing Facebook/ KDC or watchi... More »
Say a pray for me please     04/11/2014
Prayers headed your way!!... More »
Classic Game Fest 2014     04/11/2014
@bp2018: What & where is it? Link or more info?? Sounds interesting.... More »
Tattoos     04/11/2014
@bp2018 Gaslight Gallery on Westheimer is outstanding. Chris Malice & Hector have both done great wo... More »
Re: Lucille's     04/10/2014
@TexasOma: $15 a plate for shrimp for catfish is about what Pappa's seafood charges, plus the ... More »


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