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I have snapchat now     04/30/2014
@BowtieGuy: Should I have read this entire thread before posting my info? lol... More »
The oldest...     04/30/2014
Not exactly a garment but I have a pair of shoes I still wear that are 12 years old. Skater shoes- b... More »
I have snapchat now     04/30/2014
My snapchat & IG are both heathur7 :)... More »
Now this is my kind of event!     04/29/2014
@Drekonix: We go every year! DNA comics is our place though. They always hold something simi... More »
Kids Soccer     04/29/2014
@squirtismyboy: We joined, actually! She's played 3 games so far & has practice tomorrow. & I'... More »
24 Fitness     04/26/2014
@bp2018: Sounds like it would be a good fit for you.... More »
24 Fitness     04/26/2014
We went to 24 hour & liked it. It's nothing fancy or over the top like Lifetime but it's got all the... More »
not nice     04/23/2014
I laughed soooo hard at this! I tried telling it to my mom & she looked at me like I was insane. I e... More »
Household appliances you don't use enough     04/21/2014
Mine is apparently the iron. I just went to iron a pair of pants I haven't worn in 5 years & I could... More »
Household appliances you don't use enough     04/21/2014
What household appliances do you own that you don't know how to operate at all or very well?... More »
Star Wars     04/20/2014
@Retired_Engineer: lol! It's a back scratcher! His broke but he loved that thing. He was rea... More »
Dog Stolen at Petco in Humble     04/20/2014
I don't want to be "THAT PERSON" who has to ask, but I'll bite. Why was the dog put in the position ... More »
Decisions are hard     04/20/2014
@CBP210: Why did they tell you not to go to Freebird's? I do like Mission, but I always get ... More »
Star Wars     04/20/2014
@Okiedokie: Here's the bunny. It came from Walmart. This is DH's basket. [img]http://www.... More »
Dressing Too Sloppy For Church?     04/20/2014
I miss the days when families dressed up for The Lord as opposed to the more casual approach that pe... More »
Playing Easter Bunny     04/20/2014
I had DD's done & displayed HOURS ago but I got a few small but really awesome things for DH & I've ... More »
Playing Easter Bunny     04/20/2014
Anyone else up this late playing Easter Bunny?? ... More »
Are you difficult at restaurants?     04/19/2014
@jls2: Yes. Not that 60 is old, but it's old for a waitress. At least in my opinion.... More »
Star Wars     04/19/2014
I got DH &DD both darth vader head eggs & then I got DH a darth vader chocolate bunny. I'm also watc... More »
UFC fights     04/19/2014
Who's fighting? I'm more into boxing but I'll watch UFC when the fighters are good.... More »


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