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Lake/ river vacations in Texas     06/26/2014
Ok so we want to go on vacay somewhere in tx no further than maybe 4 or 5 hours away, but I'd like t... More »
I see you lurking Mrs. ?????????     06/23/2014
@bp2018: He was in the restroom when I wrote that earlier & right now he's taking stuff to t... More »
I see you lurking Mrs. ?????????     06/23/2014
@mm4731: YES!! It was sooooo much fun!! Definitely my dream wedding but most importantly wit... More »
Happy wedding day heathur!     06/22/2014
Thank y'all! You seriously have no idea how excited I am! ... More »
Random wedding questions     06/21/2014
Do I do something for my parents since they're giving us the wedding? Get them a gift? Do I have... More »
Lunch?     06/20/2014
4 oz of chicken, 2 cups salad with Italian vinaigrette, & low fat strawberry yogurt only because I'm... More »
Weekend Plans     06/20/2014
I'm getting married!! :love:... More »
Makeup Services     06/20/2014
@mogopups: I hear Bellaire & think expensive. Do they come to you because I need someone who... More »
Makeup Services     06/20/2014
Does anyone know someone who does pretty makeup, say for a wedding, that does good work but doesn't ... More »
What is your favorite LOCAL restaurant?     06/19/2014
@notfromhere: What's Chez Nous... More »
Random wedding questions     06/18/2014
Do parents & grandparents of the bride & groom (other than father of the bride) come down the isle b... More »
Random wedding questions     06/18/2014
Is it bad luck to let the groom see you on the day of your wedding prior to the ceremony or just in ... More »
Random wedding questions     06/16/2014
How do you get rid of bruises? I had blood taken a week ago & my veins are small so they have to dig... More »
Random wedding questions     06/16/2014
Does the DJ sit down or stand? If he sits, I need to rent an extra chair cover for his chair.... More »
JC Sports Houston     06/15/2014
@BooBear: Thanks. He pm'd me too. :) DD will be stoked.... More »
Permanent Makeup     06/15/2014
@yvonnep: My mom's had her lips & eyeliner done & loves it. She's the hottest chick in the w... More »
Random wedding questions     06/15/2014
I'll be posting here for the next week as I think of random stupid things I can't decide on. (Weddin... More »
Butt dialing     06/11/2014
@bp2018: You must have a Samsung galaxy. My moms galaxy does the same thing. She's convinced i... More »
15th Wedding Anniversary     06/11/2014
I also say Amadeo's. Congrats on 15 years! That's awesome!!... More »
Glass cut     06/08/2014
Anyone have any clue how much it would cost to have a 2ft x 4ft piece of glass cut to put on top of ... More »


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