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Just not my day     06/02/2015
DH said he's going to put me in a bubble. :(... More »
Just not my day     06/02/2015
To make matters even better, I fell in the tub last night & got a concussion. At memorial hermann no... More »
This Forum     06/02/2015
I concur. Thanks @kingwooddotcom!... More »
From Bruce to Caitlyn     06/01/2015
I don't care to read allll of the prior posts but I'll put my 2 cents in. Bitch has great tits an... More »
Just not my day     06/01/2015
@topcat: I've started telling people that a huge stray dog knocked me down on to a pile of j... More »
Just not my day     06/01/2015
Saturday I fractured my tailbone, now today I busted my phone screen & found out that Bruce/ Caitlyn... More »
Game of Thrones     05/31/2015
I think that the season's been kind of slow actually up until these past 2 episodes. I love that the... More »
Game of Thrones     05/31/2015
Holy crap, tonight's episode was pretty damn awesome! What are your thoughts on the season so fa... More »
Check under your table !!     05/31/2015
Is this an infestation at Sharkeys? Or just a freak thing? ... More »
do I change the channel     05/31/2015
It's 11:30am. If everyone's still sleeping, you need to intentionally wake their a$ses up!! lol... More »
Bruce Jenner on Vanity Fair Magazine Cover     05/31/2015
I kind of like it because for whatever reason, it seems to ruffle so many feathers & that amuses me.... More »
That awkward moment when...     05/30/2015
We did this today!!! DH, DD, & I all crashed after her spend the night friends went home earlier. "N... More »
Holy Cow Batman!     05/30/2015
We were wanting to go swimming too! :crying:... More »
Open Carry Passes in Texas     05/30/2015
I love having the option & I can imagine there will be a time of two where I MIGHT feel it necessary... More »
Open Carry Passes in Texas     05/30/2015
@TheTruthHurts: I feel like that's an extremely weak & ignorant argument, but to each their ... More »
looking to hire teen babysitter     05/30/2015
@Ann2800: What?! Breast cancer is very near & dear to my heart. My mom has kicked breast can... More »
My Snapchat went quiet =(     05/29/2015
I asked for your name once @donatella but you never replied so I figured you didn't wanna be fraaand... More »
Great idea summer tip     05/29/2015
What a good idea! Will have to get a big jar just for this as we basically live at the pool & beach ... More »
What is for lunch today?     05/29/2015
Grilled chicken & brown rice. Stomach has been in knots all day though so I barely ate. Hopefully I ... More »
Anyone else wish we had a Trader Joes?     05/29/2015
Agree 100%! We LOVE trader joe's & it would be soooo nice to ditch our bi-weekly drive to The Woodla... More »

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