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Since when did we become PG-13 4chan?     11/21/2014
I have no idea what this thread is about but it has me really intrigued by 4chan. What is it? One of... More »
Since when did we become PG-13 4chan?     11/21/2014
@BooBear: Every rose has it's thorn... {insert guitar solo here}... More »
I think we can all agree     11/21/2014
@BooBear: I said healthy! lol. I haven't had caffeine in damn near 8 months... ... More »
one of the greatest movies ever made     11/21/2014
@herron1345: [img][/img]... More »
I think we can all agree     11/21/2014
Do they sell any sugar free or healthy treats?... More »
Plans for the weekend?     11/21/2014
Sewing more curtains, covering more pillows, our housewarming party tomorrow night, & getting DD's t... More »
Girls 5-7 sz clothes     11/18/2014
@Nurse3: My little cousin could for sure!! If no one else wants them, I know she would.... More »
Heather     11/18/2014
@Fallon: Thank you!! My mom always says "some people's kid's sell Mary Kay or scentsy, my da... More »
Heather     11/18/2014
@foxymama: Thank you. I've never done direct sells & I wouldn't sell them if I didn't believ... More »
Heather     11/17/2014
As for those self defense items... More »
Heather     11/17/2014
Well hello y'all! You're all correct. Blissfully being a wife & mom. :) I've kept busy with work, DD... More »
Christmas     11/17/2014
I wanted to put ours out this past weekend!! But we've been storing our tree & a good amount of deco... More »
Sooooooo whuts fer supper tnite???     11/17/2014
Whole grain spaghetti with turkey meatballs in organic, low sodium sauce. Super good!... More »
Griswolds     11/17/2014
@bp2018: No. No it's not, lol.... More »
game pieces     11/17/2014
Goodwill?... More »
Guardians of the Galaxy     11/17/2014
Loved Gaurdians! Groot & Rocket were my favs. Definitely a favorite, one to own.... More »
:( wide awake hello 3:19     11/07/2014
Melatonin!!! That up at 3am business is for the birds! lol... More »
Kingwood is Awesome. This is why:     11/07/2014
I heard about this! Such an awesome story!! Praying for the little dude.... More »
Free moving boxes     11/06/2014
@herron1345: I've been good! What about you?? I'm in need of moving boxes because we got a ... More »
Free moving boxes     11/06/2014
@topcat: Thanks hun, but we got some already! We get keys & start moving tomorrow!!! Appreciat... More »


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