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SOA final thoughts?     12/07/2014
@silly123: There was a collector's book that wasn't supposed to be released until after the ... More »
SOA final thoughts?     12/07/2014
All I know is that Jax dies, 100% for sure.... More »
Purple Sweet potatoes     12/07/2014
I don't even like sweet potatoes but I want to try those just for the color alone. Foods taste bette... More »
Re: Windows 8     12/07/2014
@KTownTexican: I felt like a senior in a nursing home learning how to navigate the interwebz whe... More »
Windows 8     12/07/2014
So we got a new laptop last week. First time using Windows 8 & I'm not gonna lie, it's unfamilia... More »
Chat Bar?     12/07/2014
What happened to the little chat bar at the bottom/ side of the screen? I know I was M.I.A. for a wh... More »
Re: No thanks. I will     12/07/2014
Who eats this sh!t?! ... More »
Re: So what do YOU look like??? Let us SEE YA!     12/07/2014
---------------------->... More »
Re: Gum     12/07/2014
:puke:... More »
Re: A Response to Doodlebug's Rant     12/07/2014
@mm4731: Ahhhhhhhh, the good ol' entertaining days. That sh!t was priceless. Not that it happene... More »
Re: Projection for Texas Bowl in Houston     12/07/2014
@jax: I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. :longhorn: ... More »
Re: Optical illusion time     12/07/2014
Her hair is so loooong!!!!!!!! I would prefer it brunette, but the length is nice. And she's rockin'... More »
Re: A Response to Doodlebug's Rant     12/07/2014
Maybe Doddlebug's so grumpy all the time because she's spending a f*cking house note on breeding dog... More »
Re: A Response to Doodlebug's Rant     12/07/2014
I thought it was funny that a post from a bogus chi breeder turns into Doddlebugs list of personal b... More »
Re: Gumbo     12/07/2014
I really do want a bowl of gumbo now. (The food, not the dog.) ... More »
Re: that must be some sweet piece of.......     12/07/2014
People spend large sums of money on stupid things.... More »
Re: What do we not have in Kingwood that you would like to have here?     12/07/2014
TRADER JOE'S!!!!!!!!!!Then Whole Food's, but definitely a Joe's.... More »
Supper tnite is gonna be.......     12/06/2014
The in laws bought us Wendy's. :puke: Very sweet of them to treat us & it was much appreciated, we ... More »
Christmas on Mainstreet     12/06/2014 Anyone heard of this event? Christmas on Mainstreet. Th... More »
Flu + Rash = ???     12/06/2014
@topcat: Much better!! No cough & the spots have lightened up significantly! ... More »


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