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Love me some ice cold Coke Zero, however....     12/10/2014
@lilmama09: Not to mention the aspartame & caramel color dye that have both been proven to c... More »
Dog Fighting in Montgomery     12/10/2014
@thetarget9: Totally made me smile. I so see it!! ... More »
Re: school fights     12/10/2014
@donnatella: Dang, re-reading my original post, I absolutely see where it came out as bashing ... More »
Re: Lets be honest     12/10/2014
Ebola.... More »
KDC Ugly Sweater Christmas Party     12/10/2014
@Retired_Engineer: Had to have been at least 2 years ago. Definitely wasn't last year. DH & I ... More »
school fights     12/10/2014
@Francita: I went to HHS & graduated the last year before AHS was built/ open. My senior gra... More »
school fights     12/10/2014
@Francita: Edited- read it anyways. Sucks for the folks in the rich neighborhoods & expen... More »
50 minutes to SOA finale     12/10/2014
@Retired_Engineer: He's Australian. I can't remember if it was undergrads or declassified bu... More »
KDC Ugly Sweater Christmas Party     12/10/2014
Boo!! I was actually wanting to go! I've never been to an ugly sweater party & always wanted to go t... More »
What to do with     12/10/2014
We donated ours to Goodwill. Had the same dilemma.... More »
50 minutes to SOA finale     12/10/2014
I really dug it. I agree that the end scene was drawn out but I liked the entire episode overall. T... More »
Re:     12/09/2014
@SandyKnee: Was it a pit bull? Or a chihuahua from a backyard breeder? :giggle:... More »
Re:     12/09/2014
But WHHHHHHY?!?!? ... More »
Wish Italianos     12/09/2014
I wish they offered whole grain pasta.... More »
Stolen Christmas Inflatables in Greentree     12/09/2014
@Dunny123: Maybe put a sign on the back of the ground that says "smile for the camera" just to... More »
Leaves     12/09/2014
In right there with y'all. Feels like we're the leafiest yard on the street! I swept the deck, patio... More »
Nutcracker Ballet     12/09/2014
@sapphire: You are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm thinking Saturday would be a good day f... More »
Breakfast with Santa?     12/09/2014
Anyone know of any Breakfasts with Santa Sunday or next weekend?... More »
Breakfast with Santa?     12/09/2014
@thegoodwife: Dang, can't make it. DD's having a sleepover & her friends aren't leaving unti... More »
Breakfast with Santa?     12/09/2014
@ctl74: Time & price? I only have one kiddo so we won't take up too much line space, lol. ... More »


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