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..."ELF you, dudes".....     12/22/2014
We're totally watching Elf right now! [img][/... More »
Remember EvanCarroll?     12/22/2014
Very perturbed by Evan Carroll's post but not the least bit surprised. WAS pretty surprised &... More »
I got THE question tonight     12/22/2014
... More »
Re: My gingerbread cookies...     12/21/2014
Pics or it didn't happen.... More »
Re: Humane alternatives to declawing     12/21/2014
I'm honestly not opposed to declawing KITTENS. Growing up, we declawed every cat we owned, but they ... More »
Re: No more No more     12/21/2014
We watched the new one last night for family movie night. I didn't mind it. I really dig TMNT though... More »
Re: Dinner     12/21/2014
Sushi for DH & I. Mini me is with the in law's. We're thinking shaggy dog rolls & a movie.... More »
Humane alternatives to declawing     12/21/2014
We bought some caps earlier today. He's good about sitting to get his nails trimmed, so fingers cros... More »
Surprised     12/21/2014
@Elle10: Awww, bless your heart. :giggle:... More »
Best seafood restaurant     12/21/2014
@Okiedokie: Me too!! My birthday dinner is always either at Pappadeaux or Taste of Texas for t... More »
Holiday Hours     12/21/2014
I don't feel bad for the employees. They are getting paid & have Christmas off. I voluntarily worked... More »
Best seafood restaurant     12/21/2014
How could I forget Pappadeaux?!?! LOVE me some pappadeaux! Cajun, but I love it.... More »
Best seafood restaurant     12/21/2014
I honestly don't really care for Babins. Papa's Seafood gets my vote. Or the lobster at Taste of Tex... More »
Guilty Pleasure     12/21/2014
@buffaloglenn: She was truly blessed not to have wound up with emphysema or obesity (assuming)... More »
Humane alternatives to declawing     12/20/2014
Ok, I'm looking for some humane alternatives to declawing a cat THAT ACTUALLY WORK. We were goi... More »
Re: What does a Middle schooler want for Christmas?     12/20/2014
What's their gender & relation to you? Price range?amazon has Kindle Fire's for $79 right now. G... More »
Re: My Christmas Angel     12/20/2014
@Fallon: I'm dreading at the mid-night trampoline assembly in the back yard for Christmas. Not l... More »
Guilty Pleasure     12/20/2014
What is your guilty pleasure (food wise)?? I am a crazy healthy eater for the past year or so, but m... More »
Re: Box Game is real     12/20/2014
@Elle10: Your hair is gorgeous!... More »
Re: Going shopping     12/20/2014
I'd join in if you were going at 2:30 or so. (Stuck at work racking up OT until then!) Have some sho... More »


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