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Soooo whuts for supper?     02/10/2015
Pineapple chicken & brown rice with side salads.... More »
therapist suggestions     02/10/2015
@Cynthia#1: Are these pills are something on the vitamin isle? ... More »
therapist suggestions     02/09/2015
@Retired_Engineer: He texted me asking if I can find him someone to help because he's not ok. ... More »
therapist suggestions     02/09/2015
I don't know where to begin to look so I'm really hoping some of you fine people can point me in the... More »
Dog Park     02/07/2015
@CBP210: Thaaaank yooou!! Think we're going to take our little dude today!... More »
What's for dinner     02/07/2015
@CBP210: I had steak (medium rare) & lobster. Looove their shrimp too but I was in a lobster m... More »
Dog Park     02/06/2015
Deussen Dog Park... WHERE is it exactly & is it friendly for a feisty little almost 6 month old pug ... More »
What's for dinner     02/06/2015
RED LOBSTERRR! I plan on having the lobster.... More »
Doggy cupcakes     02/04/2015
@CBP210: I had a bakery business where dog cakes & cupcakes were included, but it was before... More »
Doggy cupcakes     02/04/2015
Is there any place that sells doggy cakes or cupcakes locally? I myself make them but have no desire... More »
Home surveillance     01/31/2015
Where's the best place to get a good deal on home surveillance/ security cameras?... More »
Super Bowl Sunday     01/31/2015
We're going to my parents house. Family will be there & our bestest is coming with us. I'm going for... More »
Super Bowl Sunday     01/31/2015
What's everyone doing for the super bowl? What team are you going for? ... More »
Hey Hey it's Saturday!     01/31/2015
Working until 2pm (overtime!), then hubs is taking me to the art museum- last weekend for the Monet ... More »
Happy Birthday Heathur     01/28/2015
@FoFa: Yesss! I lurve them! Also got a full size mirror that opens to a jewelry box on both ... More »
Happy Birthday Heathur     01/28/2015
Thanks everyone!!!! Y'all are too sweet. I'm 27 & ancient. :(... More »
Superbowl Recipes     01/27/2015
Wings.... More »
Dog training     01/27/2015
How did you train your dog to sit? Stay? Etc.? I don't care for recommendations for obedience classe... More »
Puppy kiss splotches     01/26/2015
@BlissfullyRetired: I DID forget!! lol... More »
Song suggestions     01/26/2015
Making a "Heathur's Awesome Mix Tape" playlist on spotify. Gimme songs!!! All genres welcome! (Excep... More »


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