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Tuesday dinner     03/03/2015
Ground turkey, brown rice, & green beans. :yum:... More »
Show me your puppies!     03/03/2015
And grown dogs. Puppies, dogs, I just really enjoy seeing pics of other people's animals. This i... More »
Day 58 of 90 Day Challenge     03/03/2015
I've been at it for 10 months now. I'm 3lbs away from my 90 day goal & 30lbs away from my ultimate g... More »
The world needs ridding of odd socks...     03/03/2015
Life's too short for boring socks. I mismatch mine & wear funky ones. Pretty sure I was the only wom... More »
Dog chipping     03/03/2015
@tatertot58: YAHTZEE!! ... More »
Dog chipping     03/02/2015
@donnatella: I told my daughter I was going to chip her when I explained what it was lol.... More »
Dog chipping     03/02/2015
So it's time to get our pug micro chipped. Where's a reliable yet inexpensive place to get him chipp... More »
Monyhoney...what day are we on?     03/02/2015
@cgm10sne1: I just wear my nike frees for everything.... More »
which gaming system do you like better     02/22/2015
Hands down, Xbox one. We've got a PS4 as well & while we do like it, we just don't play it near as m... More »
Raffa's     02/20/2015
What do you think about Raffa's? What's your favorite thing to eat? Dress code?... More »
Restaurant rut... Fav restaurants?     02/20/2015
Raffa's DH is suggesting them. How is the food & what is the dress code?... More »
Filter apps     02/20/2015
@Francita: Thank you!!... More »
Filter apps     02/20/2015
@Stealth83: Why does it make you not want to respond? Annnd go! :giggle: Kidding, kidding... More »
Filter apps     02/20/2015
Favorite apps to use for photo filters? And go!... More »
Day 46     02/19/2015
Down 21 lbs. A little disappointed that it isn't more, but I won't lose sight of the bigger picture.... More »
Womens haircuts under $50     02/18/2015
You bitches are crazy! (I say that with so much love.) My haircuts run me either $15 or $20. Can't r... More »
Whatcha fixin for tnite?     02/18/2015
Crockpot chicken in a green chile sauce with DH's famous brown rice & side salads. ... More »
Restaurant rut... Fav restaurants?     02/18/2015
@Drekonix: Something QUIRKY! Not necessarily quirky, just different than a normal restaurant... More »
Restaurant rut... Fav restaurants?     02/18/2015
@yankeejessica: Magiano's.... More »


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