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Church Search     04/29/2015
@CBP210: Is youth mass the same as catechism? Or do they not do that anymore? lol. Man I fee... More »
Church Search     04/29/2015
@CBP210: The 5:00 Saturday service? Another fear of mine is that DD is too old for catechism. ... More »
Church Search     04/29/2015
@fcabanski: I feel the same way actually. But I also feel that my relationship with Him is a... More »
Brothers wedding     04/28/2015
@cat person: She's tall and will whip you into s... More »
Church Search     04/28/2015
@CBP210: So which Catholic Church in the area has the priest that's easiest to understand? D... More »
Church Search     04/28/2015
@Fallon: The more new churches I visit, the more it makes me miss Catholic Church, lol. Whic... More »
Church Search     04/28/2015
I'm just looking for a church that DH & DD like more than anything. I honestly don't think there IS ... More »
Church Search     04/26/2015
Church Search So my family & I have recently been searching for a new church. Our pastor from the... More »
Come ON! Give me some space here!     04/26/2015
@FoFa: This has GOT to be a pug thing!! More than anything, my little monster likes to sit o... More »
Spiritual Animal Guides     04/26/2015
I feel like my kitty, Jar Jar Binks, is my spirit animal. [img] More »
Sudden Link got rid of MTV, Nickelodeon and more!!!!!     04/26/2015
@SwimSwim: Disney & nickelodeon?... More »
Deodorant & kids     04/25/2015
So. At what age did you make your kiddo start wearing deodorant? DD is 8.5 & plays outside evvvv... More »
Psychic     04/25/2015
I second Lynn, @joiebobgirl More »
Question for people who keep their dogs outside     04/22/2015
Our pug is a spoiled primma donna who NEEDS to be out more. He's out for 20 min & acts like you forg... More »
Is it Taco Tuesday?     04/21/2015
Tilapia Tuesday for us. With brown rice & fresh green beans. ... More »
Cats catching birds     04/21/2015
Predominantly inside. And I know it's nature & he's an alpha cat & all, but I guess I'm worried abou... More »
Cats catching birds     04/21/2015
Ok so my furry boys have been dicks today. Pug has been marking stuff & today my kitty decided to ge... More »
Pug peeing on everything     04/21/2015
DH scheduled his ball choppin' earlier this morning! Thanks yall. :)... More »
Pug peeing on everything     04/21/2015
My pug is 8 mos old. He lifts his leg & piddles just a little on EVERYTHING lately!! Is this a phase... More »
New Star Wars Trailer!!     04/16/2015
Toootally nerdgasmed when I saw it! Cannot wait!... More »


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