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Reasons why we each should win the GC to Olive Garden     05/12/2015
I'd love a date night with DH, & their bread sticks & salad are the!!... More »
Cats catching birds     05/12/2015
@RogueHippEE: Mmm I doubt it. They actually get along pretty well. Play together allll the t... More »
Cats catching birds     05/12/2015
@Nurse3: We've tried to keep him inside but lately he darts outside even when we try to stop... More »
Cats catching birds     05/12/2015
@RogueHippEE: Pug's been here for 4 months. He's fixed now & hasn't had a single accident in... More »
Cats catching birds     05/12/2015
He brought me a freaking mouse. IN MY HOUSE... THAT WAS STILL ALIVE!! Yesterday as we were leavin... More »
Austin     05/09/2015
Met Jep at the original Torchy's Taco food truck*. Freaking delicious. He stole our parking spot th... More »
Mother's Day Plans     05/09/2015
What's everyone doing for Mother's Day?... More »
Squirrels     05/09/2015
This is what my alpha cat thinks of squirrels. He murders them with his bare paws then leaves their ... More »
Austin     05/09/2015
I second Hamilton Pool!!! As for food, we met Jep Robertson from Duck Dynasty. We had BBQ at Styles ... More »
Describe your last..     05/07/2015
The Theory of Everything ... More »
Interesting.. life span calculater     05/03/2015
95. (DH better live to be 96 then.) So far all of my grandparents have lived to their mid 80's. I'... More »
Mayweather vs Pacquiao     05/01/2015
@adammaxis: Oh god no, Mayweather as a person? He's a grade A douchebag. Super obnoxiously c... More »
Mayweather vs Pacquiao     05/01/2015
Pacquiao, hands down. They aren't even the same class of fighter IMO. (& that's coming from some... More »
Church Search     05/01/2015
Ok I think I found the difference. Churches that teach CCD DO teach Sunday's during mass. CCE is the... More »
Teacher appreciation May 5th     04/30/2015
Betsey Johnson! [img][/img]... More »
Gigi's Tells HPD "Thank You" for Keeping the City Safe     04/30/2015
Very cool of GiGi's!... More »
Church Search     04/29/2015
@Fallon: Well boo! I guess I can scratch converting DH to Catholicism off, & by my own pen. ... More »
Church Search     04/29/2015
@Fallon: So CCE isn't during mass ANYWHERE anymore?! Well damn, lol.... More »
Church Search     04/29/2015
@CBP210: CCE is what I'm talking about. It's what I did as a kid but my dad always called it... More »
Has anyone tried the new Taco Cabana?     04/29/2015
@Mahm: They're the same thing. Taquito is just what certain places call them for the gringos... More »


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