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Keeping you all updated on Viral Internet Happenings     12/18/2013
@BowtieGuy: Yeah dad kind of stole the show, didn't he.... More »
Re: Keeping you all updated on Viral Internet Happenings     12/18/2013
I saw this on Facebook... Absolutely hilarious!... More »
Re: BIg Mistake...     12/18/2013
I feel your pain! Didn't fall asleep until 3:30am!! No idea why, just couldn't sleep. No Advil PM, I... More »
Re: Breakfast     12/18/2013
Honey nut chex.... More »
Re: 7 days til Christmas!!!!     12/18/2013
2013 HAS flown by! These past 6 months especially. I'm trying to savor this last week of Christmas g... More »
Re: Life is full of choice     12/18/2013
@beastmode: PASS!!... More »
Re: Life is full of choice     12/18/2013
As someone who has cared for her mother through bought of her battles with breast cancer, as well as... More »
Re: Kingwood Hospital Is Ghetto     12/17/2013
Downtown is the way to go! If you can't make it there, both st. luke's & memorial hermann in the wo... More »
Chimichurri's     12/17/2013
We've been twice. Both time the food was ok & the service was TERRIBLE. Too many good Mexican restau... More »
update on the holidays....     12/17/2013
That moment when you get invited to something & you're so busy that you have to check the schedule t... More »
update on the holidays....     12/17/2013
-Friday is DD's school party/ book exchange, then dinner with my parents that night & helping my mom... More »
Re: When I was kid I was so poor....     12/17/2013
We were so poor, we would use a fork to eat cereal just so we could save milk. We were so poor, w... More »
Re: Exterminate Christmas     12/17/2013
I'm more of a Star Wars, but I'm nerdy enough to know that this is a Dalek tree from Dr. Who. Pretty... More »
Where to see Santa?     12/17/2013
Old Town Spring! His little cottage is set up right next to Puffabelly's, can't miss him.... More »
So Chocolate     12/16/2013
@calliecat: How was the fudge? DH is a crackhead for fudge but it's one of very few things t... More »
So Chocolate     12/16/2013
I'm thinking Christmas shopping this weekend warrants chocolate from this place. Where exactly are t... More »
Limo ride     12/16/2013
I was going to use this for our wedding day! Ride out in style!... More »
Re: When is this cold freeze coming?     12/16/2013
@beastmode: Is low 50's the high or the low?... More »
Re: Limo ride     12/16/2013
@mm4731 congrats you lucky duck!!... More »
Re: FOUND: 2 German Shepherds     12/16/2013
@WskyTngoFxtrt: Why we put ours down. We rescued her from the side of the road with ectopic ma... More »


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