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WHAT! An actual useful robot?     01/07/2014
That would be awesome for taking groceries in the house. DH does a good job himself though. Wonder e... More » Posting Contest - So Chocolate!     01/07/2014
@BooBear: Are you not big on chocolate or do you just have the will power of a Victoria's Se... More »
Crazy Accident     01/07/2014
And that's why I drive a big suv. Do you know how much more damage would have been done to a little ... More »
KFC Pleasing The Islamic Faith,Prayer before slaughtering     01/07/2014
I don't eat at KFC. Popeye's FTW!... More »
KARMA!!     01/07/2014
@N+T: You're fiesty today, lol!... More » Posting Contest - So Chocolate!     01/07/2014
@BooBear: You didn't try any chocolate? ... More »
Re: Velveeta shortage     01/07/2014
@FoFa: Flameado :yum:... More »
Re: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills     01/07/2014
@mpjp0907: Me too! I wasn't too crazy about her (Tamra's) naked bathtub scene considering she's ... More »
Re: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills     01/07/2014
@mpjp0907: DITTO! Her husband was a Grade A creeper too! They wont be missed. Heather is my fav ... More »
Re: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills     01/07/2014
@bubbleyes72: Boring, repetitive story line for Gretchen. Alexis was also fired. And More »
Re: Pit Bull Attack     01/07/2014
I feel like the great pitbull debate is beating a dead horse. Everyone has their own opinion on the ... More »
Re: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills     01/07/2014
@Retired_Engineer: I agree, they were likable & more relateable as individuals, but entertai... More »
Re: GiGi's Cupcakes     01/07/2014
@Katiemcg: What are their prices like? ... More »
Re: Date night     01/07/2014
@silly123: Why the hell not?! lol!  ... More »
Re: Girl Scout Cookies     01/07/2014
Saturday needs to hurry up & get here already. Coffee with some caramel delights to dip sounds p... More »
Re: Guess what....     01/07/2014
DD was sooo excited to go back. I didn't take an act of God to wake her up this morning or anything!... More »
Re: This morning was a cold one lol     01/07/2014
It definitely is a cold one to say the least. I didn't want to get out of bed for anything when my a... More »
Re: Tuesday     01/07/2014
@FoFa: This is true, but still bizarre, if only for just one day. Right now it's 27 degrees in A... More »
Re: Tuesday     01/07/2014
@FoFa: I was just about to post this same thing. I've got a friend who moved there after high s... More »
Re: Ladies!! Help! Gender Reveal Parties..     01/07/2014
I think gender reveal baby showers are a cute idea, but I don't understand hosting the 2 parties sep... More »


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