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Re: Purses..     01/07/2014
@Fallon: I'm going to have to check these out then! Are there any specific stores that carry the... More »
420     01/07/2014
I thought this thread was going to be about Easter. It falls on 420 this year...... More »
Is this allowed?     01/07/2014
I wonder if @KingwoodDotCom has seen this one.... More »
Purses..     01/07/2014
I alternate. Right now it's a bigger bag from Charming Charlie that DH surprised me with. I reall... More »
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills     01/07/2014
@Retired_Engineer: Vicky's "WOOHOO!" annoys the crap out of me. I do like her daughter thoug... More »
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills     01/07/2014
@cador: Gretchen got fired. She & slave won't be returning next season. I was never a fan of... More »
Re: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills     01/06/2014
So glad I'm not the only one. This is my very guilty pleasure, lol. Brandie is a hot mess though. Ra... More »
Re: Your cold?     01/06/2014
I couldn't function in that kind of weather. I pushed the love seat in front of the fireplace about ... More »
Re: Date night     01/06/2014
@mgw300e: Watching that episode on netflix right now to see for myself, lol.... More »
GiGi's Cupcakes     01/06/2014
@brightlights: I feel this way about GiGi's with the exception of their cinnamon bun cupcake... More »
Beef its whats for dinner     01/06/2014
My famous bbq meatloaf tonight. Beef enchiladas Spaghetti Chilli! Carne guisada Fajit... More »
Veron's Meat Market     01/06/2014
@Fallon: I didn't even know that gravy in a jar existed until my dad mentioned it jokingly t... More »
Re: Veron's Meat Market     01/06/2014
How does everyone prepare their andouille? What do you serve it with or in?... More »
Re: Veron's Meat Market     01/06/2014
@jax: I don't put okra in my gumbo & I've never met a Cajun who didn't love it! I'm not a fan ... More »
Re: Who is sad?     01/06/2014
I dread it but look forward to it all at the same time. I love having DD home with me, but she's rea... More »
Re: Who is sad?     01/06/2014
@mgw300e: I'm really glad I read this post while my DD was brushing her teeth this morning. I ... More »
Re: Did you wrap your pipes?     01/06/2014
DH covered the outside pipes last night with some black foam pipe cover from Lowe's. I threw sheets ... More »
Re: Red Box     01/06/2014
@mm4731: any idea on how much it is after the free trial?... More »
Re: Sunday dinner plans     01/05/2014
Was planning on making chorizo with potatoes myself, but we took too long running errands & groc... More »
Re: Veron's Meat Market     01/05/2014
@mpjp0907: A delicious spicy Cajun pork sausage. ... More »


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