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Lightning !!!     05/17/2015
There was lightning? Up until about 20 min ago I was out like a light, oblivious to the world. I hav... More »
Downpour!!     05/17/2015
Rained on our lemonade stand after about an hour or so. She was bummed. [img]http://www.kingwood.c... More »
Went shooting today.     05/17/2015
@Nurse3: Oooh intriguing! I've never shot a CZ, & I'm a bit of a self proclaimed gun nut! Ho... More »
Went shooting today.     05/17/2015
Love shooting! What kind of firearm did you shoot?... More »
Motorcycles     05/17/2015
Father in law has a Harley, but he lives waaay in the back of Magnolia. DH wanted one but says that ... More »
Sex Life     05/17/2015
Mine is like taking a shower. Do it every night. And some mornings. :cool:... More »
Gettin head     05/17/2015
@foxymama: Some people say a little teeth is ok, but I try to use none at all. ... More »
Snakes!     05/17/2015
I like snakes!!! Used to have a python that we lost to Ike. We're bigger than they are. Just like mi... More »
~ To Look Upon One's Life     05/17/2015
@herron1345: I'm jealous of everyone that gets to be around you in person on a regular basis... More »
I like Greece the best, how about you?     05/17/2015
Italy & Ukraine!!! :love:... More »
Thread Titles     05/17/2015
You forgot "Who Pooped in the Kitchen"!!... More »
I need protein other then     05/17/2015
@donnatella: I was sure that you of a people would have suggested a good ole' fashioned prot... More »
Ex Machina     05/17/2015
@Annie: ... More »
I need protein other then     05/17/2015
I drink optimum nutrition protein powder for breakfast. Rocky road is my favorite flavor, I get it a... More »
Ex Machina     05/17/2015
DH & I chose this movie for our date night in. (Movietube) Didn't really know what to expect but rea... More »
Non-competitive Soccer     05/16/2015
@mattem: 8...... More »
Non-competitive Soccer     05/16/2015
Some of these non-competitive soccer parents are ridiculous. #FFPS We need a competitive soccer l... More »
Favorite Bible story     05/16/2015
I have many, but I've always enjoyed David & Goliath. The words he said before he cast the stone... ... More »
What would your name be?     05/16/2015
Elizabeth. A name fit for a queen! ;)... More »
Going Away Party     05/16/2015
Oooh did I get a secret invite?!? Whoops! lol. :giggle:... More »


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