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Label me Brave! I went with the wife to Target and Kohl's today     08/09/2015
You're definitely brave. We school shopped on Wednesday & grocery shopped at 10pm last night to avoi... More »
Help!! Cut off date for Kindergarten     08/09/2015
My daughter's a Sept 18th girl. She'll always be the oldest in her class BUT she's always made A's &... More »
Strange flags @ Pasadena Walmart     08/07/2015
@Mccrj: Posted right above. [img][/im... More »
Strange flags @ Pasadena Walmart     08/07/2015
[img][/img]... More »
Strange flags @ Pasadena Walmart     08/07/2015
Call me crazy but this most definitely strikes me as odd. I'm so patriotic it's not even funny, but ... More »
Bacon!     06/25/2015
My favorite bacon is just plain bacon. No need for attempted improvement.... More »
At what age....     06/25/2015
Mine is 8. I've started thinking about the same. 3rd grade? 4th grade? 5th grade? 8th? What's the no... More »
Los Cucos     06/21/2015
The issue with the taco was that I bit into the taco & literally spat out mouthful of grease. I can ... More »
Los Cucos     06/20/2015
So DH & I ended up going to Los Cucos in Kingwood for dinner tonight. Our server was good & the woma... More »
Anniversary Dinner Restaurant Ideas     06/20/2015
We were at the Harley store & were both super hungry so we just said screw it & just did Los Cucos. ... More »
Anniversary Dinner Restaurant Ideas     06/20/2015
DH & I are celebrating our 11th anniversary/ 1st wedding anniversary tonight. (We got legally marrie... More »
Ladies Lunch - Friday, 11:30 @ La Madeline     06/20/2015
@topcat: What a rad idea!! Do it on a weekend & I WOULD NOT MISS THAT!!... More »
ANOTHER new fast food place???     06/18/2015
Dat garlic toast though! Love Cane's! It will do well here.... More »
Summer Camp     06/18/2015
Anyone ever send their kids away to summer camp? We're seriously considering sending DD to Camp Cho-... More »
Lunch     06/18/2015
A coworker bought me a happy meal. Apparently the lady at the drive through knows that when the menl... More »
Ladies Lunch - Friday, 11:30 @ La Madeline     06/18/2015
I gotta work. :(... More »
What book are you reading?     06/18/2015
Starting the Left Behind series tomorrow.... More »
Sea World     06/18/2015
@Fallon: Is the water park included in admission? If not does the admission part have places... More »
What is Love     06/18/2015
A coworker/ good girl friend asked this question this morning. What is love? How do you define it? W... More »
What's for dinner?     06/16/2015
Garlic shrimp & brown rice.... More »

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