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Re: Close of 149 small airports will close air traffic facilities across the country     03/22/2013
Weren't many of these towers manned for a couple of hours each day? and when the controllers weren't... More »
Re: Have I won the contest yet?     03/22/2013
I am not too happy about the ending of this contest ... More »
Re: Winner! Painting With A Twist...     03/22/2013
I really thought I was going to win....I feel like.....Tony romo ... More »
Re: MOVIE REVIEW - ADMISSION     03/22/2013
So it was worth the price of... ... More »
Re: What is acceptable dog etiquette in no sidewalk neighborhood?     03/22/2013
Next time your neighbor is outside bring your dog over to meet him to break the ice. I gave my neigh... More »
Re: More Stupidity from School Administrators     03/22/2013
Correction we have stupidity in our own backyard. More »
More Stupidity from School Administrators     03/22/2013
Reason #3023 to try and send the kids to a private school or home school. Too many bleeding hearts h... More »
Re: New CVS rule......     03/22/2013
If you and your husband are healthy, no preexisting conditions, relatively young then it might be c... More »
Re: Where do people like to go out to eat/shop meet neighbors?     03/22/2013
You can try, plenty of opportunity to volunteer through church or other organizations... More »
Re: New CVS rule......     03/22/2013
@donnatella At what point will this type of policy bother you? When they start checking DMV reports,... More »
Re: colorado gun control     03/22/2013
How many of these mass murderers or even criminals are buying their guns at gun shows. Like the inep... More »
Re: Will Big Government Republicans do what Big Government Republicans do?     03/22/2013
you are telling me every demoncrat will vote to legalize pot? Doubt it. If someone wants to toke the... More »
Re: Movie you can't skip?     03/22/2013
Old school, valley girl, baseball movies (the natural, major league, Field of dreams), signs, 16 can... More »
Re: colorado gun control     03/21/2013
It was effective to force a ammo manufacturing company to leave the statehttp://www.washingtonpost.c... More »
Re: Global Warming: The Green Lie     03/21/2013
@Haybugg no real change in temps over the past 15 years. amny glaciers are growing (see Greenland). ... More »
Re: Ever use Christopher's Home Repairs??     03/21/2013
@topcat isn't that what your boyfriend is for?... More »
Re: Outlaws Wrestling Club     03/21/2013
Thanks @ScarletKnight. Thought it was strange IOC would cancel wrestling. Doesn't make too much sens... More »
Re: Finally finished my DD's room     03/21/2013
Where did you get the shelf/coat hanger combo?... More »
Re: Town Hall Meeting - Kingwood Drive to Eight Lanes...     03/21/2013
We need to make it difficult to keep non-Kingwoodians out. Your idea makes it easir @KTownTexican.... More »

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