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Re: Teens respond to being told they are beautiful     12/09/2015
Hmmmm.    Now that was a bit rude, and not sure it was warranted.  But then people on here always... More »
Re: Teens respond to being told they are beautiful     12/09/2015
That was cool.  Thanks!... More »
Re: Twins get their first professional portrait session     12/09/2015
@lilmama09: He's probably smiling so big because they're both actually asleep at the same time! ... More »
Re: Telenovela     12/07/2015
Watched it for about 10 minutes, then switched back to the boring football game.... More »
Re: Feral Hog Issue     12/07/2015
You might try the Kingwood Country Club.  I think they've hired people in past years to trap the ho... More »
Re: Desperate for a new foster family     12/07/2015
This sounds promising!  Please post any updates to the situation here.  :)... More »
Re: IAH security wait times     12/07/2015
We flew out of there last Tuesday morning.  We were TSA pre-check, and the lines weren't bad at all... More »
Re: Interesting     12/06/2015
That actually hurt to read.  Or should I say reed.   :crazy:... More »
What!.... No one watching the Texans?     12/06/2015
It's actually turned out to be a good game.  All tied up now with 5:39 left to go in the game.G... More »
Re: terrible news last night ......     12/06/2015
Wow, that's terrible!  And that sounds like a great hiding place for the $ too!  Who would think t... More »
Re: Apollo the Husky     12/05/2015
@Ashley0126, if you're even still on the forum to see this, you probably need to go around town and ... More »
Re: Stylist     12/05/2015
OMGosh!  I'm really trying not to :laugh: .  But I think that's kind of a right of passage for all... More »
Re: Hey ya'll, from Me n Jan     12/04/2015
Thanks @Ray and right back atcha!!... More »
Re: Kingwood Wildlife Neighbors     12/04/2015
Cool, cute and scary all at the same time!... More »
Re: Old Woman     12/04/2015
Love it!! :ok:... More »
Re: Just watch...     11/30/2015
It said page not available.  You broke it.  :(... More »
Re: Lost Siberian husky     11/30/2015
Wow!  Did you drive to College Station to be sure it's him?  I'm assuming you're bringing him home... More »

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