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Re: Partners in crime     08/26/2016
Hoo-boy, she's got her hands full with those two!... More »
Re: Watermellon Smash!     08/26/2016
OMGosh, that guy has the best videos.  I've just spent the last hour scrolling down and watching th... More »
Re: Lost family dog! His name is Rocky!     08/26/2016
update?... More »
Re: Natural headache remedies....     08/26/2016
I've heard Gatorade works for headaches, especially migraines.  Good luck with the interview!... More »
Re: My 15 anniversary     08/25/2016
Cheers!  :champagne:... More »
Re: My review of Chez Nous with photos!     08/25/2016
Great review and great pics too!  Haven't been there in years.  Will have to remember to try it ag... More »
Re: He thinks he fits     08/25/2016
Haha!  Love it!... More »
Re: best date night spot in Kingwood ?     08/25/2016
Up front Kingwood, good food, quiet place, try The Veranda.  ... More »
Re: Which Would You Choose?     08/24/2016
Already get the free travel so would choose the $300 groceries for life.  Always gotta eat.  ... More »
Re: My 2 Alaska grand kids down at the beach     08/24/2016
What a great pic!  :ok:  Must be hard living so far away from them.  Hope you get to visit with t... More »
Re: Introduction     08/24/2016
Welcome @Lin!From the timing of your post, I suspect you may be in a very different time zone from u... More »
Re: Lived through it     08/23/2016
The really hard part is when you get back home............ More »
Re: Canine Visitors At KDC Headquarters     08/23/2016
OMG so cute!  And very well mannered, I might add.  :dog:  :heart:... More »
Re: Time for a bit of creative fun...     08/23/2016
I have twelve cats.... More »
Re: Reeves Furniture...     08/23/2016
That's very sad.  They did great work.  I bought a refinished bedroom set from them probably 20 ye... More »
Re: Fatal Accident     08/21/2016
Oh no, not another fatality at that intersection.  There's already a white cross there from a teen ... More »
Re: Lost Dogs in elm grove     08/21/2016
Yay!  :cheer:... More »
Re: Concrete Driveway Slab Leveling     08/16/2016
I think we used the same company a few years ago.  They did a good job, but I can't remember how mu... More »
Re: How long have y'all been in Kingwood?     08/15/2016
26 years and 2 homes in Kingwood.... More »
Re: When was the last time you took a bath?     08/15/2016
We've got a nice deep tub with jets, but I can't remember the last time either of us used it.  Like... More »

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