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Re: Bird nesting in flower bed     05/02/2016
Does your flower bed have rocks in or near it?  Some birds lay their eggs in those rocks for disgui... More »
Re: Top 10 Best Kingwood Businesses     04/30/2016
How could I forget Pampered Paws!!  I go in there at least twice a month.  They're very helpful an... More »
Re: Weather concerns     04/29/2016
Eventually......... More »
Re: Top 10 Best Kingwood Businesses     04/29/2016
State Inspection of Kingwood (behind Steinhart)The owner, (the potato peeler guy) is an honest, hard... More »
Re: Well shizzles.....     04/29/2016
@RobncynsThat was a very nice post.  Thanks for sharing your insight and experience.  I hope it he... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner     04/29/2016
Oh wow!!!   :cheer:Thank you @KingwoodDotCom and Thank you Beckwith's Car Care!!... More »
Re: Sprinkler Repair Recommend     04/28/2016
I second Tay's Sprinklers.  H'e a good guy.... More »
Re: The twins are now 6 months old now!     04/28/2016
OMGosh, those are two of the cutest, happiest little faces I've seen in a very long time!!!Thanks fo... More »
Re: Well shizzles.....     04/28/2016
Sorry to hear that.  Hope the docs can get it under control with the proper treatment.... More »
Re: Does anyone know where any stores or salons     04/28/2016
Maybe Zoolala Boutique, 1300 Stone Hollow Drive (inside Park Avenue Studios).... More »
Re: Tree fell on neighbors house.     04/28/2016
@buffaloglenn: I've always heard that too.  I've also heard that when pines fall, they actually... More »
Re: Longhorns around the area?...     04/27/2016
I also remember seeing some off of 1960 in a field on the right.  I don't think I've seen them late... More »
Re: I'm okay Dear friends     04/27/2016
Thanks for checking in. Glad you're doing better. Take care!... More »
Re: Snake Bite     04/26/2016
Did you actually see the snake?  How long did it take before the effects started?@v1kings28 ... More »
Re: Bookmarks?     04/26/2016
Yes, I brought this up last month, as there have been several threads I've wanted to bookmark for fu... More »
Re: Snake Bite     04/26/2016
OMGosh, poor baby!!  I'm so glad he's going to be okay, and that you were there and able to get... More »
Re: looks here...Huffman side by the bridge     04/26/2016
@Stealth83: What area?  Is she chipped?  Have you put signs up?   :laugh:... More »
Re: looks here...Huffman side by the bridge     04/25/2016
Yikes!!!  :gator:... More »
Re: Begs for a caption     04/23/2016
Are you my mother?  ... More »
Re: We live in a Selfie world     04/23/2016
@LALEE: Yes ^^^ that!!  What is with all the duck faces people make in selfies??  Looks so dum... More »

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