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Re: Jared from Subway fame....     07/07/2015
No way!!!   Oh Jared, what were you THINKING???   Ugggghhhh... More »
Re: Shoes!!!     07/06/2015
@soxs mom: Haha!  Is that a polite way to say they're not very stylish, but they sure look comf... More »
Re: Daily water intake     07/06/2015
@tatertot58: Wow, that's a lot of potty breaks!  :) ... More »
Re: ....Where Do We Draw The Line... Or Is There Even A Line To Draw Anymore?     07/05/2015
A very slippery slope indeed.  While I agree with with what has been stated here, I am always open ... More »
Re: Found Dog Trailwood Village     07/04/2015
@dac1842: Wow, I just assumed that was a joke.  At least that's how I read it.  Maybe the pers... More »
Re: Thinking about @Ann2800     07/04/2015
Hi Ann2800.  I'm out of town a lot this summer, but always have you in my prayers and thinking ... More »
Re: Little Ivory     07/01/2015
OMG you're KILLING me!!!   I LOVE that little pup!  Lola, please keep her, so I can keep seeing pi... More »
Re: Found Dog     07/01/2015
Yay!  You rock!  So glad it all worked out for the little cutie.... More »
Re: Door to door scam     07/01/2015
@lilmama09: :slap:   Don't encourage him! ... More »
Re: Clothes for sale     07/01/2015
@lilmama09: The one behind SteinMart is Designer Consigner.  My DD takes her stuff there.   I ... More »
Re: Bad News @donnatella     06/30/2015
@djohn78: Ummmmmm, yes please? ... More »
Re: Bad News @donnatella     06/30/2015
Well Cr@p!  I was always hoping he'd date my daughter.     She's not very athletic, but she's  j... More »
Re: Shoutout thank you!     06/29/2015
Did he pee on ya when you picked him/her up?  :giggle:   ... More »
Re: New Dachshund in the house!     06/28/2015
How to Train Hearing Impaired Dogs Using Hand Signals and Simple GesturesHearing-impaired dogs can b... More »
Re: Small icons next to the mail icon     06/28/2015
Thanks Annie!And CONGRATS Joe!!!... More »
Re: New Dachshund in the house!     06/28/2015
Maybe I can link it like you did... Nope, I see you have to be a subscriber to read the whole t... More »
Re: New Dachshund in the house!     06/28/2015
@BBQguy: I sent you the one I was talking about in a PM.  Did it come thru?  It's actually a d... More »
Re: I was hoping the wedding would put him in a good mood     06/28/2015
Wedding??   What did I miss?... More »
Re: New Dachshund in the house!     06/28/2015
@BBQguy  He's a cutie!I subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal, and they had a good article on training... More »
Re: bye     06/28/2015
Wishing you the best of luck!  Keep in touch!  :wave:... More »

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