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Re: Lost German Shepherd     12/17/2015
I hope the owner sees this and the pup gets the treatment she needs.  ... More »
Re: For the Ladies...Wow, I had no idea...     12/17/2015
I call BS on this.  What makes this correct, just because some woman on Twitter named Chelsea Smith... More »
Re: MISSING PUG     12/16/2015
Sounds like he's done this before.  Does he have a collar and tags on?  Chipped?Hope you get him b... More »
Re: Have you ever     12/16/2015
Here's the recipe she uses...Marshmallows Cooking sprayPowdered sugar2 ½ tablespoons, Unflavored g... More »
Re: Have you ever     12/16/2015
I have a friend who makes them.  She says they're awesome.... More »
Re: Lake Houston Boat Parade     12/16/2015
Are you sure you were in the right spot?  ... More »
Re: Can you explain     12/15/2015
I'm back-up challenged, so not a backer-upper.  But I do have back-up envy.  ... More »
Re: Be a friend....     12/14/2015
@BooBear: Everyone knows you're supposed to fold over the end, or at least a corner, on duct tap... More »
Re: Texans     12/13/2015
Disappointing for sure.... More »
Re: Lost dogs     12/10/2015
Oh yay!! Good to hear!... More »
Re: Volkswagen sandwich     12/10/2015
Ouch!  ... More »
Re: USA meet rock bottom     12/10/2015
OMG, seeing that picture.... sorry Ray, I really like you.....   but I feel ill.  :sick:... More »
Re: Teens respond to being told they are beautiful     12/10/2015
@BooBear: I don't know either!  Maybe the two preceding posters.... Frank and beastmode?   :cr... More »
Re: Teens respond to being told they are beautiful     12/09/2015
Hmmmm.    Now that was a bit rude, and not sure it was warranted.  But then people on here always... More »
Re: Teens respond to being told they are beautiful     12/09/2015
That was cool.  Thanks!... More »
Re: Twins get their first professional portrait session     12/09/2015
@lilmama09: He's probably smiling so big because they're both actually asleep at the same time! ... More »
Re: Telenovela     12/07/2015
Watched it for about 10 minutes, then switched back to the boring football game.... More »
Re: Feral Hog Issue     12/07/2015
You might try the Kingwood Country Club.  I think they've hired people in past years to trap the ho... More »

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