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Re: Two Lost Doberman's     11/06/2015
@tatertot58: Yes, I know.  It's just one of my pet peeves.  I'm glad you were there to help th... More »
Re: Two Lost Doberman's     11/06/2015
You can buy the plain nylon type collars and use a Sharpie and write your phone number all over the ... More »
Re: Two Lost Doberman's     11/06/2015
Well I'm glad they made it home.  But really????   No collars.  Not chipped.  That's taking an a... More »
Re: Prayers needed     11/04/2015
@Ann2800I recently heard this song and it really touched my soul.  Thinking of you as I listen now.... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner!     11/04/2015
Congrats!  You deserve it!... More »
Re: Prayers needed     11/04/2015
@Ann2800, my prayers for you continue.  Keep up the good fight, sweetie.  Your post brought tears ... More »
Re: Found 2 Nov 15 Bull Dog and brown and tan best buddy     11/02/2015
Hey, great job @tatertot58!!  :ok:  ... More »
Re: New Whiskey Glass design ... thoughts?     11/02/2015
Bad link... More »
Re: Ramen Noodle Pizza ~ proof the world is crazy     11/02/2015
I've made a similar pizza before using macaroni noodles for the crust.  It was really very good!  ... More »
Re: My Vizsla got out this morning     11/02/2015
Wake your son up and go look for him!!!   Your son can sleep later.  If your dog gets hit ... More »
Re: Found adorable brown and white dog     11/02/2015
Oh how cute!  Look at those ears!... More »
Re: Garage door repair     11/02/2015
We're happy with Agape.... More »
Re: House sitter help     11/02/2015
I would think the first order of business for them would be to get bonded.  ... More »
Re: House sitter help     11/02/2015
I've used a service like this in the past in another state, and wish this area had this service.  I... More »
Re: *EXERCISE FOR PEOPLE OVER 50 *     10/30/2015
:laugh:... More »
Re: This company is very expensive!     10/30/2015
@Retired_Engineer: We had a similar experience with John Moore.  I would never use them.Please ... More »
Re: Arizona Mandates all Dogs Sold In Pet Stores to Come from Shelters     10/30/2015
From the OP's post...."They are trying to push dog loves toward getting their next family member fro... More »
Re: pictures of my twin grandchildren twins     10/30/2015
Oh how adorable!!  She also looks like she's got dimples in those cute chubby cheeks.  Just precio... More »
Re: I just finished making 5 Thieves     10/29/2015
I'm confused too.  But I think your cat got into it (whatever it is), and it took the hair right of... More »

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