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Re: Greentree Pool Today     04/27/2015
When I first looked at the avi picture, I thought this was posted by goldengirl.  I'm glad it wasn'... More »
Re: cops     04/26/2015
Ummmm,  TMI.... More »
Re: Jalapeno Pot Roast     04/26/2015
I'm not sure you would even need to add the butter.  You don't normally add butter to a crockpot me... More »
Re: Thieves     04/26/2015
If the items were stolen a week after the work was done, how did they gain access to your garage?... More »
Re: Hail again?     04/22/2015
Goody goody, more rain.  :mad:... More »
Re: peacock     04/20/2015
What??????   Where are you?  In Kingwood?  A peacock???  Really?  Cool!!!... More »
Re: I'm so dirty!     04/19/2015
Eh, a little dirt does a body good.  :ok:... More »
Re: he's here!     04/19/2015
He's a beauty!  Congrats, and welcome to the world, little Gage!  :heart:... More »
Re: ~ Rain Talk...     04/18/2015
... More »
Re: ~ Rain Talk...     04/18/2015
... More »
Re: ?????..     04/18/2015
Pfffffttt!   Here we were all going with BBQ and meat names, and you go with a candy?  :P... More »
Re: Dog scratchin a lot all of a sudden     04/18/2015
Yep, I've got one dog scratching and licking at his feet and one dog that is oblivious.  The one th... More »
Re: Racoons making themselves at home     04/18/2015
Maybe sprinkle mothballs around the perimeter of your yard?  I've always heard that mothballs will ... More »
Re: ?????..     04/17/2015
Shorty  (Short Ribs)He's a cutie for sure!... More »
Re: I gots a heavy heart tonight :(     04/16/2015
I'm so sorry.  I know how hard this is, and it's the only bad part of owning a fur child.  Sending... More »
Re: Found your little Black & White dog!     04/15/2015
Great!  :ok:  :dog:... More »
Re: Found your little Black & White dog!     04/15/2015
Bump for @Orchid.  Do we have a match?... More »
Re: Positive News     04/15/2015
Thanks for sharing your good news with us!  It put a smile on my face.  Keeping you in my prayers,... More »
Re: Favorite movie     04/14/2015
SlingbladeFargoMrs. DoubtfireSaving Private Ryan... More »
Re: Request Prayers Please     04/14/2015
I've been out of town so just now seeing this.  Hope you had good news today!  Keeping you in my p... More »

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