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Re: Whoooohooo no place like home...Northwoods pool repair.     02/05/2016
Give Jim Lesko a call @ JL Services.  (281) 350-1876   Very knowledgeable and honest.  Been using... More »
Re: Why the name change?     02/05/2016
@BBQguy: Don't you know?  You're the Admin!  Ay yi yi.  ... More »
Re: Why the name change?     02/05/2016
@mutton: Well then, that's because you're not nosy/nosey.  :nose:y... More »
Re: Why the name change?     02/05/2016
@Mahm: Wow, no it's not the same poster and I never meant to ruffle any feathers.  Then or now.... More »
Re: Why the name change?     02/05/2016
You know.  The new vegetable, er poster.... More »
Why the name change?     02/05/2016
Just curious.  ... More »
Re: As of tonight ANN has a home!!!!     02/05/2016
So so happy to read this today!  Awesome news!  :ok:... More »
Re: Supper tonight Jan is fixin     02/03/2016
Shrimp and veggies over noodles... More »
Re: Prayers please pray for     02/03/2016
Adding my prayers.  ... More »
Re: 60     02/03/2016
Happy Birthday you ole fart!   :party:... More »
Re: You like....     02/01/2016
Meh.  Don't care.  :no:... More »
Re: Sulcata tortoise     01/29/2016
Saw one last summer.  Pretty cool looking and it could move fast!Not sure why it posted sideways. ... More »
Re: Home     01/29/2016
Sounds promising!!  :cheer:  Ok, I'll try not to get to excited yet.....  but I will keep my fing... More »
Re: Riddle     01/27/2016
@elguapo: I did this all day yesterday.  I blew my NOSE.  ;)... More »
Re: So what are ya fixin for supper tonight?     01/26/2016
Left over soup from last night.  :yum:... More »
Re: Made rum pralines     01/26/2016
And......  I never got the recipe.  :(... More »
@OneHappyMrs: I'm so glad you found his home!  Such a nice thing you two did.   If he did actu... More »
Re: Broncos vs Patriots     01/24/2016
Yay!!!!!!!!   Lived in Denver (Aurora) during the Elway era and have been a Broncos fan ever since.... More »
Re: Morning Panic     01/23/2016
OMG the sky is falling!!!!!I love my Keurig and the one cup of fresh coffee I drink from it every mo... More »
Re: Ann2800     01/22/2016
I'm so sorry @Ann2800 that you lost your ex, your best friend.  Sending prayers of comfort and stre... More »

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