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Re: No, not Christmas lights already!     11/11/2015
There's at least one service that I know of, The Perfect Light, that offers a discount to their cust... More »
Re: Nutcracker market     11/10/2015
First thing we do when we enter is find the booze.  Facing those crowds is so much easier with a mi... More »
Re: New born hand knitted set &25     11/10/2015
CLASSIFIEDS!!!!!   ... More »
Re: Another Debate tonight....     11/10/2015
What time?... More »
Re: Hubby out of surgery...     11/10/2015
@SandyKnee: Okay, I guess I shouldn't have asked.  Sorry.  :(   I was just wondering what kin... More »
Re: Hubby out of surgery...     11/09/2015
Hope tomorrow is a better day for him.  What type of surgery did he have, if I may ask?... More »
Re: Found: black lab mix - BB     11/09/2015
Great job, @ctl74!  :ok:... More »
Re: Bidding on Ebay stuff... Bid and wait it out,...     11/08/2015
I love sniping on eBay!  Love it when you can snatch something right out from under someone.  :evi... More »
Re: old photo album pictures throughout Texas     11/07/2015
I LOVE old photos like that.  Thanks for posting the link.  :ok:... More »
Re: Update on Abigail     11/07/2015
So cute!!  :heart:  You keeping her then?... More »
Re: Lost white husky in elm grove     11/07/2015
OMGosh!!  You FOUND him???   When!?  That is GREAT news!!  What condition is he in?  He's been ... More »
Re: BARKFEST - Nov 7th!     11/07/2015
@Nurse3: The website says it is held "rain or shine."... More »
Re: Prayers needed     11/07/2015
Bumping, along with many good thoughts and prayers for @Ann2800.... More »
Re: Trump on ACA     11/06/2015
... More »
Re: B.O.P.A., Scrap Metal, & Appliance Recycling     11/06/2015
Yes, it states on their website that it has been rescheduled.[url] More »
Re: Two Lost Doberman's     11/06/2015
@tatertot58: Yes, I know.  It's just one of my pet peeves.  I'm glad you were there to help th... More »
Re: Two Lost Doberman's     11/06/2015
You can buy the plain nylon type collars and use a Sharpie and write your phone number all over the ... More »
Re: Two Lost Doberman's     11/06/2015
Well I'm glad they made it home.  But really????   No collars.  Not chipped.  That's taking an a... More »
Re: Prayers needed     11/04/2015
@Ann2800I recently heard this song and it really touched my soul.  Thinking of you as I listen now.... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner!     11/04/2015
Congrats!  You deserve it!... More »

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