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Re: Missing puppy husky mix     03/14/2016
Is he chipped?  He's so stinkin' cute!!  I so hope you get him back home soon.  Please keep us po... More »
Re: Front door restoration     03/14/2016
:laugh:Okay, do EITHER of these guys pay to advertise on here?  I thought they both did.... More »
Re: Moving sale today until 5pm - 2826 Kings Retreat circle, Kingwood     03/13/2016
Wait.  Why was the original spam post not removed, but the next post by @friday1 was removed?  ... More »
Re: Men!     03/12/2016
... More »
Re: Front door restoration     03/12/2016
I've heard Rick's Front Door Refinishing is good.  Haven't used them yet myself, but they get good ... More »
Re: That way?     03/12/2016
Where is that?... More »
Re: yo fofa     03/11/2016
Ha!  I got that same email and thought the same thing!  Looks just like her.... More »
Re: Husband is walking out on me and the kids     03/11/2016
Just take it one day at a time.  Focus on yourself and your kids.  Sure it sucks.... but you will ... More »
Re: All The Chiefs (Managers)....     03/10/2016
@bubbleyes72,    So sorry to hear this!  I hope you find something better, something that you enj... More »
Re: Homer is glued to my side     03/09/2016
One of my two was a neurotic mess earlier today.... More »
Re: A Lifetime of Thanks & Graditude!!     03/08/2016
I wish you the best of luck, Zoey.  But most of all I wish you peace.  :heart:... More »
Re: Moles?     03/08/2016
@beastmode: OMGosh!  I've seen those gummy worm thingies on the golf course.  I had no idea wh... More »
Re: Going to vote     03/08/2016
I agree.  Sadly, Pinestraw is best choice.... More »
Re: Bree surgery     03/08/2016
Glad she's doing well!  :dog:... More »
Re: Tears     03/08/2016
What, no Tears for Fears?  :scared:... More »
Parental Alienation and 'you'...or, a family member?     03/07/2016
"I can assure you most rational people would not do this out of love and kindness." Rational peop... More »
Re: Parental Alienation and 'you'...or, a family member?     03/06/2016
@NOWweR2: I think it's just the way the entire thread was presented from the beginning.  It's l... More »
Re: Parental Alienation and 'you'...or, a family member?     03/06/2016
This whole thread is very confusing to me.  Anyone else?  (please tell me I'm not the only one):du... More »
Re: A Nightmare of a Lifetime     03/06/2016
One way I like to think of it...If God is with me, and my son is with God, then he can't be far away... More »
Re: A Nightmare of a Lifetime     03/06/2016
@Zoey, I am truly sorry for your loss.  Unfortunately I'm another who actually does know how yo... More »

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