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Re: Hello people!!     08/21/2015
... More »
Re: Hello people!!     08/21/2015
@Chricardenas: Well Hello and Good Luck to you too!   :dull:  (no idea.....)... More »
Re: ** SCAM ALERT, Peeps ** THIS IS NOT A DRILL     08/20/2015
Checked this out on Snopes.  Apparently this alert has been going around for the last 15 years.Acco... More »
Re: @ProblemAgain ....So, You Put Me On "Ignore," Eh, Dude......     08/19/2015
  @herron1345: Here ya go.  If she's got you on ignore she won't ever see your most peace... More »
Re: So cold     08/18/2015
@beadweaver: So....... are you bragging or complaining?  :giggle: ... More »
Re: Found a Lost Dog Atascocita     08/18/2015
Awesome!  :ok:  :dog:... More »
Re: Another Motorcycle Accident!     08/18/2015
@SenseOfHumor: Did your daughter actually witness the accident?  Maybe she could help Harry out... More »
Re: Tak'n out da trash     08/18/2015
@FoFa: That spider looks like a brain with feet.  *shudder* ... More »
Re: Jury Duty     08/17/2015
I just can't figure out Trump's hair!  Where does it start and where does it end??  Is it a comb f... More »
Re: People suck!!     08/16/2015
Oh what a cutie.  Thank you for helping him.  Prayers that he will heal and find a family to love ... More »
Re: Idiot is lucky he didn't get worse     08/16/2015
Dang you, @Retired_Engineer!!  I watched the first video you posted.  At the end, it showe... More »
Re: What's he saying?     08/16/2015
That sh!t hurt my ears.  And like RE, I only listened to the first 20-30 seconds of the first one. ... More »
Re: Pit bull Sighting     08/15/2015
Uh oh..... wait till Doddlebug hears about this.  Ain't gonna be pretty.  :scared:... More »
Re: Yes there was once a time....     08/15/2015
Yes!  Remember the pubs in the 747's back in the 70's?   ... More »
Re: Awww man this ONE makes my whole weekend!!! ;)     08/15/2015
Wow!  What a transformation.  Great story.... More »
Re: SO this morning has been fun so far     08/15/2015
Haha!  They're clever little actors, aren't they! ... More »
Re: This is awesome....     08/15/2015
Great idea! :ok:... More »
Re: An old man and a bucket of shrimp.     08/14/2015
Thanks for posting that! ... More »
Re: I knew it was coming, but..     08/11/2015
Oh I remember those days well.  :cry:   We have "first day of school" pics all the way up thru hig... More »
Re: Winner of unofficial, unauthorized posting contest     08/11/2015
My dogs will be so disappointed......... More »

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