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Re: Baseball Experts: help identify autograph     05/23/2016
[quote]Felix Hernandez [/quote @SandyKnee: ... More »
Re: Baseball Experts: help identify autograph     05/22/2016
Felix Hernandez ... More »
Re: Two tone walls, yeah or neah?     05/22/2016
I agree with the caramel or milk chocolate.  Something earth tone, and not too far from the khaki.... More »
Re: Just Noticed This Unfortunate Thread On ADC **Heads Up**     05/22/2016
@Annie: This is a quote from the ADC thread by the OP of that thread in response to the question... More »
Re: Hello     05/21/2016
So Donna, have you found any fun yet?  :smoke:... More »
Re: 2 loose dogs in MB off of Mill Bridge     05/21/2016
This just makes no sense to me.  Several people on here are only trying to help, and the owner seem... More »
Re: 2 loose dogs in MB off of Mill Bridge     05/21/2016
@sweetie: And no one CAN call you if/when they spot your dogs, without a phone #.... More »
Re: Vet clinics     05/20/2016
I just wanted to recommend Dr. Hebert at Northpark Animal Hospital on Northpark.  Been going to him... More »
Re: 2 loose dogs in MB off of Mill Bridge     05/20/2016
@lola: :laugh:Sorry, I hope all dogs are returned to owners, but that ^^^ made me LOL.... More »
Re: Another little problem :(     05/20/2016
Any way to contact the previous owner?  A fews years back, we traded in my car for an upgraded mode... More »
Re: Golf cart ?     05/20/2016
Our neighbors have one and they allow their older son (around 12 years old) with a buddy to pick up ... More »
Re: Missing dog bear branch     05/20/2016
Such great news!  Thanks for letting us know.... More »
Re: These twins are just so cute     05/19/2016
So cute!! And they always look so happy!! Love the dimples. ... More »
Re: Do you ever just want a fresh start?     05/15/2016
I did that once.  It was difficult and scary at the time, but in the end it worked out well.... More »
Re: Lost dogs     05/13/2016
Yay!  I'm glad they're both back home!... More »
Is everyone cranky today or what?... More »
Re: George Zimmerman     05/12/2016
@fcabanski: George is a friend of yours?  Interesting.  So how do you know him?  ... More »
Re: Donation pick up     05/11/2016
Well if it's non-working, I'm thinking it is more likely considered trash than a donation.  ... More »
Re: Retired_Engineer     05/10/2016
Great news.  Continued good thoughts headed his way.  Thanks for the updates.... More »
Re: WTF!!!     05/09/2016
Well CRAP!!!  All my bookmarks are gone too!!  :mad:... More »

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