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Re: I don't mean to be rude     07/04/2016
Not Texas BBQ, but pretty dang good!  :yum:   Great atmosphere, too!   ... More »
Re: I don't mean to be rude     07/04/2016
I don't believe the OP is a professional food critic;  just a person/neighbor giving an opinion on ... More »
Re: Found doggie     07/04/2016
She's a beauty!  Thanks for helping her find her way home.... More »
Re: Found doggie     07/04/2016
Great job!So now that you can say....   what breed was it?... More »
Re: DW is not to keen on taking the black lab home yet.     07/02/2016
This is a nail-biter for sure!   Will she or won't she????!!!!   :)P l eeeeee a s e, Mrs. Chrisink... More »
Re: Twyla's Friends Meet up today     07/02/2016
That DOES sound like a good day!  Those sound like some pretty promising outcomes.  :ok:... More »
Re: Weighing in...a dose of truth....     07/02/2016
Devil's advocate here....But to me, YOUR gun is more dangerous than YOUR cheeseburger.  ... More »
Re: Midwest     07/01/2016
At first glance I thought they were all peeing in the cornfield.  Then I read it was a job, and tho... More »
Re: Obama     07/01/2016
Re: Doggie troubles     07/01/2016
@MarT, I'm also so sorry you're having to deal with this.  I've also been through it, and it tore m... More »
Re: "How Hot Is It?"     07/01/2016
The story goes.....   "It was so hot that the corn in the cornfields started popping.  The cows sa... More »
Re: Oh Crap     06/30/2016
@FofaSomehow I got on an email list from this job listing site.  You put in your area of expertise,... More »
Re: pot smell in my back yard....     06/29/2016
@fcabanski: Well there's always edibles....  ... More »
Re: Emaciated husky needs a foster     06/29/2016
What a wonderful update to read this morning.  Makes my heart happy!  :)  Thank you to all the wo... More »
Re: pot smell in my back yard....     06/29/2016
:smoke:... More »
Re: So annoyed     06/29/2016
Drive to the store and get a new battery.  It's the only way........ More »
Re: pot smell in my back yard....     06/29/2016
Did you take some nice deep breaths?  I'd be out there hyperventilating.  It could be your elderly... More »
Re: Sprinkler Repair     06/28/2016
I agree.  Pretty easy to fix by yourself if it's just one.  Just take the broken head to Alspaugh ... More »
Re: Daddy Jax     06/27/2016
Adding my prayers for a successful surgery.  Please keep us posted.... More »
Re: It's all about the toast...     06/26/2016
11 or 14... More »

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