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Re: Who is watching the Socialist debate tonight?     10/13/2015
Public education works. Ask the Germans, where even our American children can go to college for free... More »
Re: What do you have next to your bed?     10/13/2015
Charger, alarm clock, books, condoms, massaging oils, ususally a glass of water and some random stuf... More »
Re: Who is watching the Socialist debate tonight?     10/13/2015
@hotterthanyou I understand your points, but the cultural shift needed to get to that is too great. ... More »
Out pricing granite for our counter tops     10/11/2015
@chilladahun: agreed. Those should be the last places you should go. If you have the time and en... More »
3 year old fighting nap time     10/09/2015
@foxymama: if you start taking her on car rides it will become a habit and she won't fall asleep... More »
WTF story I never heard of!     10/07/2015
How come I never heard about this case before? This is so weird and creepy. The principal of a schoo... More »
Re: Suspicious Person     10/07/2015
House hunting, maybe?... More »
Re: uh oh..looks like im going to the slammer for a while     10/07/2015
@sweetie: I am pretty sure he got this via email. That's why he copied it here. Also, even if yo... More »
Mixed emotions     10/05/2015
@SenseOfHumor: I think she meant she is not working in O&G any more. ... More »
Re: I have been sued     10/05/2015
I haven't gotten these calls yet but if I do I will have fun with them. I'll pretend to be scared an... More »
Did the Texans miss their flight?     10/04/2015
@donnatella: game was over in the 1st Quarter ... More »
Texans OMG     10/04/2015
Note to self: next week pick whichever QB is playing against the Texans on your weekly fantasy leagu... More »
Texans OMG     10/04/2015
Wow. It doesn't get any worse. What is the worst loss in Texans history? It will probably be broken ... More »
Texans OMG     10/04/2015
1st round pick abrewing ... More »
Just a heads up..2 guys checking for unlocked vehicles     10/04/2015
@My3andChloe: probably not a good idea to answer that on a public forum ... More »
What Is Something You Have Never Had?     10/03/2015
A tattoo... More »
Re: Man Arrested for Going Wrong Way on 59     10/02/2015
@sweetie: I would call that a murder/suicide mission ... More »
Re: Man Arrested for Going Wrong Way on 59     10/02/2015
Some people are just professional a-holesYesterday a guy in a pick up was tailgating the car behind ... More »
Tattoo biz suggestions     10/02/2015
Just as is the case with pretty much everything, some people like them and some people don't. Th... More »
Re: Islam to be taught in your local schools     10/01/2015
@hollyhobby kids in kingwood schools sing Christmas carols. At least they did a couple of years ago.... More »

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