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Re: Redshirting kindergarten     07/11/2016
I have a solution. People need to stop messing around during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays... More »
Re: Struck a nerve     06/30/2016
Why are people so freaking mean? She made an honest mistake, corrected it, apologized. Move on! I am... More »
Oh Crap     06/29/2016
@FoFa: a job database site. Ziprrcruiter might be a better option. It consolidates all job p... More »
Re: 500 Cash Reward for Golf Clubs     06/26/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: Maybe not one of the regualrs, but KDC doesn't run background checks. Anybody ... More »
Re: Being a medium or a psychic     06/20/2016
Bad quality weed on the market, seems like. ... More »
8 years financing on a mattress at Rooms To Go???     06/19/2016
@choclab: Our presidential candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I think that exp... More »
Verizon?     06/12/2016
@Fallon: I bet you that's not even a Verizon number. It's clearly a scam, like when you get ... More »
Most Common Stolen Vehicles (May)     06/11/2016
@TEXANSCHICK: Thieves work harder? Yeaaaaah, right. They are easy to steal, period. ... More »
It's official. It's Hillary vs Donald     06/10/2016
@deltadawn: One million likes ... More »
Re: Another scam call     06/10/2016
My cell is a work tool. I answer all calls. It could be a potential client. I just hang up the seco... More »
Re: Dr. Amy Plummer, Gynecology     06/09/2016
Just out of curiosity, do heavier people have specific issues with certain Drs? I never heard of thi... More »
Bunch of *sses     06/09/2016
... More »
Chick Flicks Need Disclaimers     06/07/2016
It has nothing to do with the genre. It goes with the profession. I don't have any stats but the div... More »
Why you do not discuss politics at the bar...     06/02/2016
@PedroDePacas: you might be right about most of your startements but "idiot" is right about the ... More »
West Lake Houston/ Kings Harbor     05/29/2016
If Magnilia Cove is all water teh restaurants are flooded. That is bad news... More »
Flood insurance?     05/29/2016
You do it through you agent but it is FEMA who issues the policy. I believe you have to pay for it i... More »
Re: New Caney Middle School     05/25/2016
Not a rumor More »
New Caney Middle School     05/25/2016
It received an "Improvement Needed" rating. That means they need to get their act together. I don't ... More »
Re: George Zimmerman     05/12/2016
@fcabanski: Save himself from a fight he started knowing he was armed. It's not self defense if ... More »
Re: Which would it be? Buh-bye forever...     05/03/2016
I could live without any othe them, except pizza. I looooove pizza! Burgers would be second hardest ... More »

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