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Re: New Caney Middle School     05/25/2016
Not a rumor More »
New Caney Middle School     05/25/2016
It received an "Improvement Needed" rating. That means they need to get their act together. I don't ... More »
Re: George Zimmerman     05/12/2016
@fcabanski: Save himself from a fight he started knowing he was armed. It's not self defense if ... More »
Re: Which would it be? Buh-bye forever...     05/03/2016
I could live without any othe them, except pizza. I looooove pizza! Burgers would be second hardest ... More »
Re: Attention Parents in the Drop Off Line....     04/25/2016
I have as much of a problem with the impatient parents who drive around the line because they didn't... More »
Re: Flood insurance     04/25/2016
It's around $400/yr unless you live close to the water. If you don't get it and get flooded, it's on... More »
HBO Suddenlink     04/23/2016
It's free HBO on a every provider. It's GOT weekend!!!!! They want to promote it. You could have pot... More »
Re: So, who is going to meet us at Zachary's tonight for Open Mic?     04/21/2016
@FoFa: You heard that before, huh? ... More »
Re: Front Windshield Replacement     04/21/2016
@Haybugg: Check with your insurance, but I beleive windshields might be excluded from the deducl... More »
Re: I hope TMZ has this wrong re: Prince dying     04/21/2016
@Ray: This wins the prize for the most surprising post in the history of KDC!!!!! ... More »
Re: Happy Random Drug Test Day     04/21/2016
Drug tests at work are one of the most stupid money-wasting policies in the corporate world. Especia... More »
If you're parked at the park and ride at Townsend     04/20/2016
Leave work and go get your car. The river is about to overflow and flood the whole thing. At least t... More »
Streets are Flooding, Sewers Not Draining     04/18/2016
@Burnsway: Unless they announced that in the last few minutes, I don't think that's the case. ... More »
"The Story Of God" With Morgan Freeman... Who's Watchin'?     04/16/2016
I just watched the first episode. It was very good, but the freaking robot freaked me the f$&@ out!!... More »
Re: My company, not a fan     04/08/2016
At least consider moving to Sugarland. It's a nice place to live and it's a buyer's market over ther... More »
Re: What Is Your Opinion About Companies Using Religion As a Marketing Tool?     04/08/2016
I steer away from business claiming they are Christian. They are usually more expensive and exploit ... More »
Vet recommendation     03/30/2016
My golden might need to have major surgery. Any recommendations for good vet surgeons in the area wo... More »
Re: Masked Man Robs 3 People At Gunpoint     03/23/2016
@ForeCPA90: I really don't know how he can not take it personally.  ... More »
Re: Fair game?     03/23/2016
This is a stupid move by Cruz which makes people re-think if they would vote for him, not against Tr... More »
Re: Masked Man Robs 3 People At Gunpoint     03/22/2016
I am out past midnight sometimes. Doing absolutely nothing bad. It's my choice (and sometimes necess... More »

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