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Trump yard signs     09/29/2016
@Stealth83: The future of the country ... More »
Credit card hacked     09/28/2016
@Retired_Engineer: Did your card have a chip? ... More »
The Tasting Room - Kings Harbour     09/28/2016
@JerryJustice: the market for products and services is not solely based on consumer income. Demo... More »
The Tasting Room - Kings Harbour     09/28/2016
Kingwood is not a market for the Tasting Room. They never had a chance ... More »
Soooo, The Donald is for some Gun Control     09/28/2016
@dac1842: And who determines who has mental health issues? And what happens when someone say... More »
Soooo, The Donald is for some Gun Control     09/28/2016
Donald Trump agrees people on terrorist watch lists should not have access to guns. Mmmm. Slipp... More »
Oh. NO HE DIDN'T!!!!     09/27/2016
@oogabooga: I think I have been doing what I can. I voted in the primaries and donated to my c... More »
Oh. NO HE DIDN'T!!!!     09/27/2016
@Zoey: I described exactly what happened to me. It was not an expression ... More »
Oh. NO HE DIDN'T!!!!     09/26/2016
I watched 5 minutes of it and literarily threw up in my mouth. I mean literarily. I had a portio... More »
Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt     09/20/2016
Jennifer Aniston was 36 when he split. Angelina is 41 now. It's pretty simple, dude don't like women... More »
Classified question     09/19/2016
We might answer your classified question, but then we'll have to kill you. Unless it's from the... More »
KC vs Texans     09/19/2016
@ET: That was Epic ... More »
If it was an intentional act, it's terrorism. Praying for all the affected... More »
Third party candidates fall short of debate     09/17/2016
Stupid rule. The two-party system has failed us. I am convinced there would be a 15 point swing in J... More »
This     09/14/2016
@WskyTngoFxtrt: My new goal. I guess I will be part of the exclusive group. ... More »
This     09/14/2016
[img][/img]... More »
This     09/14/2016
... More »
Another Thug gets the bad end of deal cause of his thieving!     09/13/2016
I'm sure it's procedure. If his story checks out, he'll be fine. ... More »
Hillary has medical episode at 9/11 event     09/13/2016
@Macitagirl: DNC names replacement ... More »
I need of Carpool buddy for 6-8 weeks     09/13/2016
@donnatella: I don't think you can use the toll without another passenger between 6-8am, can you... More »

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