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Seal being chased by Oscar pod jumps on to boat     08/24/2016
I bet he was eaten within 20 minutes! ... More »
Donald Trump called me just now....     08/24/2016
@ForeCPA90: Believe me! ... More »
This forum is super right wing.     08/24/2016
Oops! ... More »
Road Rage     08/23/2016
@forrrebd: I recommend you send personal info (including emails) via PM Kids misjudge age... More »
Kicked Boyfriend In Face     08/23/2016
@thegoodwife: well, I certainly do not think women are evil! I even like my MIL! I make a lo... More »
Re: Kicked Boyfriend In Face     08/23/2016
@thegoodwife: Was that a serious post? Why the personal attack? Not that it is any of your busin... More »
Re: All up in his grill!     08/23/2016
@BooBear: It's red. Goes to show you how sexy red is. Even vans get some action ... More »
Re: Kicked Boyfriend In Face     08/23/2016
I wonder what the charges would be if it had been the biyfriend kicking her in the face for refusing... More »
Re: Changing the day we vote     08/23/2016
We have early voting. You have one month + to vote. I don't think we need to change it. ... More »
I'll be glad when the election is over     08/22/2016
I dread the day the election is over! Either Hillary or Trump will be elected president ... More »
Day ONE of school     08/22/2016
And we already have a stranger danger notice. F((*(*@(*) @ss*&*^). Leave our kids alone![Ad... More »
This forum is super... no wings     08/22/2016
Where are the hot chicks threads?We discussed the Lochte fiasco at the Olympics and nobody was talki... More »
Cy-Fair teacher and foreign exchange student     08/22/2016
He's 18 and she is not in a position that directly affects the student. This should be a non-issu... More »
Trump is unappealing     08/22/2016
@imadrummer2k: Who doesn't support Trump ... More »
Trump is unappealing     08/21/2016
I think Trump believes the polls. He is now reading from teleprompters, his team is hinting that dep... More »
Voter fraud or just amazing coincidences     08/21/2016
Making excuses ahead of time? ... More »
Strange things     08/21/2016
@Fallon: One of my all-time favorites. The freaking Brits are so lazy! 3 years to make 3 mor... More »
Trump is unappealing     08/21/2016
@Stealth83: I think he is voting for him, he just doesn't think he was a good choice by the GOP.... More »
Trump is unappealing     08/21/2016
@friday1: I ain't voting for Hillary, dude. Edited to add: I voted for Rubio in the primary.... More »

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