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Re: Very happy for Manning     02/08/2016
@ET: He wasn't paid for the plug itslef. He owns part of a Bud distributor in LA. He is a smart ... More »
Re: The Mosquitoes Spreading Zika     02/05/2016
@Weathergirl5: I am normally not for genetically modifying living species, but these guys have g... More »
Re: Republican Party Favoring Marco Rubio to Win the Primaries     02/04/2016
@WJo: Would you vote for Trump or Cruz over Sanders? ... More »
Re: Home warranty     01/06/2016
Save your money. It's literally impossible for those companies to make money unless they rip people ... More »
Re: What the heck     12/23/2015
It's unseasonably warm, but not AC weather. Open the windows!... More »
Re: Forgot My Phone!     12/18/2015
Stay disconnected for the time you're away. You'll love it... More »
Re: ANY ZUMBA / WORKOUT GROUP AT 4AM?     12/14/2015
@teammathews: There is only one kind oef exercise I am willing to do a 4am.And I am not supposed... More »
Re: Most recent area restaurant health violations     12/14/2015
@MarT: Or maybe a new flavor will be added to  the menu.  ... More »
Re: Anyone see the movie The Mist?     12/03/2015
@Maisey1: I loved that book as well. I haven't seen the series. It's really tough for anybody ma... More »
Anyone see the movie The Mist?     12/02/2015
@mutton: His books get turned into movies and not really his fault the movies don't do the boo... More »
Re: Anyone see the movie The Mist?     12/02/2015
It's a Stephen King story. I haven't seen the movie but the book is pretty scary. ... More »
Re: Fifty Shades of Grey     11/30/2015
It's amazing how badly written this book is. I managed about 15 pages. I saw the movie because my w... More »
Re: Authoritarian to complete totalitarianism: obama's new America     11/30/2015
The fact that anybody pays attention to this nonsense is a sad reflection of how stupid we are as a ... More »
Re: Manziel demoted to 3rd string QB     11/25/2015
He needs a "sober complanion". Like Sherlock Holmes in Elementary. Not one as hot as Lucy Liu. He ne... More »
Manziel demoted to 3rd string QB     11/24/2015
@donnatella: yes, that's him. There is a reason teams stayed away from him in the draft. NFL tea... More »
Manziel demoted to 3rd string QB     11/24/2015
After video surfaces of him drinking in Austin.So much talent, so little common sense.I know most NF... More »
Re: Darwin Award Nominee!     11/23/2015
A guy named Miller trying to steel a Coors Light truck is kind of funny!... More »
Well Homie and I did not stay outside long     11/23/2015
So you didn't pee in the yard? ... More »
Bank of America is crap     11/14/2015
Do the new cards have chips? I like BBVA Compass for banking... More »
Snake     11/14/2015
If I may ask, in what area of KW are these copperheads coming out?... More »

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