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Here comes trouble!     09/10/2016
It was an amazing day for football in south bend Indiana! [img] More »
Taking my MiL to the ENT over at the hospital     09/07/2016
@herron1345: Shut up dude!!! [img][... More »
Taking my MiL to the ENT over at the hospital     09/07/2016
There is nothing in life I love more than cleaning out my kids ears! I get the flash light out and a... More »
Chicago Murder Rate     09/07/2016
@Retired_Engineer: Haha!!! We're good. We stayed close to the navy pier. It's slightly raini... More »
Chicago Murder Rate     09/07/2016
@Fallon: I'm stuffing deep dish pizzas in my face in Chicago! HAHAHAHHA!!!... More »
Chicago Murder Rate     09/07/2016
Nice to read this as I am sitting IN us cellular field lmao... More »
Breakfast     09/05/2016
The hotel we stayed at last night had a great breakfast this morning. ... More »
insufferability rating     09/04/2016
@Jpgurl: HEY NOW!!! 🍀☘🍀☘🍀... More »
Is the UT hand gesture copyrighted?     09/04/2016
Irish will be spanking them tonight! ... More »
Oktoberfest     09/04/2016
@ET: Haha right!!!... More »
Oktoberfest     09/04/2016
Boy does this sound like a fun time! And the day after my birthday! ... More »
Put my new macro lens to use yesterday on GDs ring     09/04/2016
I love vintage looking rings!! It's beautiful! ... More »
Best desert place close to KW?     09/03/2016
Little inside tip,the cheesecake at Olive Garden is for the Cheesecake Factory :wink:... More »
what things that have disappeared since your childhood...     09/03/2016
@beastmode: We had a Commodore 64 growing up! Even had an Internet connection too!... More »
Middle School and Backpacks     09/02/2016
My middle son HAS to carry his book bag at Woodridge forest ms because they don't have ANY lockers!!... More »
Why?!?!?!     09/02/2016
@Fallon: Awe I hope he gets better. He has years of driving you crazy left in him :giggle:... More »
Why?!?!?!     09/02/2016
@fallon what's wrong with bunny???... More »
Pumpkin Spice Everything!     09/01/2016
@bp2018: I keep trying to log into that and it hasn't worked. Thanks for reminding me to che... More »
College football starts tonight     09/01/2016
@coco1248: GO IRISH!!!! We gon' saw off dem horns!!!! [img] More »
A true abomination     09/01/2016
@donnatella: Yyyyaaaassss!! Gimme gimme gimme!!!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃... More »

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