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Snapchat app     04/30/2016
@BooBear: Yeppers!!!! And i likke to unsuspectingly use the filters on my husband when he is... More »
good day so far     04/30/2016
Currently sitting at a car dealership trying to get another car customers my lease is almost over. ... More »
12 hour check....we are almost there     04/30/2016
@foxymama: Like.this one [img] More »
So excited!     04/30/2016
@foxymama: It's based losely on his life. If you love prince you'd love the movie ... More »
12 hour check....we are almost there     04/30/2016
@foxymama: Well I've looked into those and they just won't hold all the liquor I've accumula... More »
So excited!     04/30/2016
About 15 people included hubs and i. Everyone clapped at.the beginning and end..was super cool to se... More »
12 hour check....we are almost there     04/29/2016
@Txbutterfly: Any buffet tables? Or maybe something like that to hold some liquor. I am havi... More »
So excited!     04/29/2016
Oh and it's $5!!!!... More »
So excited!     04/29/2016
@Stealth83: Yes and u know I own all the special versions.. but nothing beats the movie thea... More »
So excited!     04/29/2016
Showbiz is showing purple rain tonight and in the sdx theatre!!!! I never got to see it in the movie... More »
More Rain this weekend?     04/28/2016
I love those little anoles! I watched 2 fight it out for territory a few days ago. Nature really is ... More »
costco question     04/28/2016
I've never had an issue like that going to the humble costco. They always ask me if I need a box and... More »
Trash Service in Kings Mill     04/28/2016
@nesacarrio22: What @katzen said! And make sure you put it ether in the street or as close a... More »
Power out in part of SWH     04/27/2016
No power in kings mill either... More »
Tornado warning     04/27/2016
@terilyntx: I almost made some and was like nnaahhh we'll be alright and boom no power..dang... More »
Tornado warning     04/27/2016
@Stealth83: With no power I'm not so sure about the school part...... More »
Tornado warning     04/27/2016
@Nurse3: Yah I just saw that...oh well....and there went our power!!!... More »
Tornado warning     04/27/2016
Got all the kiddos downstairs...poor guys only had one more hour of sleep left lol ... More »
My cat is having seizures..................     04/26/2016
@lbuchanan: I think I'd be going to another vet for a second opinion.. loop 494 is great... More »
muggy EEE. out here     04/26/2016
Ugh yes it is awful out this morning!... More »

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