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Fall trees made from tomato cages     08/27/2016
@terilyntx: LMAO!!! I'm itching like a crackhead over here trying to talk the husband into g... More »
Sad News From KDC     08/27/2016
I wish you had told me it was a Kdc member @thechad! Sorry for your loss guys :(... More »
Excited for a new sentimental craft project     08/26/2016
@allymansfield: She's so stinking cute!! Great job girlie!! ... More »
Old GM guys....1986 K5 square body question     08/26/2016
I'm impressed that you have a 86 blazer that runs!! We saw an old cutlass last night. You don't see ... More »
$326 Water Bill     08/25/2016
Our bill in Kings mill is always like $80ish. No matter what lol... More »
Sirius XM Free Event thru September 6     08/24/2016
Have had xm since 01ish. I love it alot. We listen to it a lot. I use it when the Astros are playing... More »
I need a hump day cocktail     08/24/2016
@PedroDePacas: Nice one! [img][/img]... More »
Headhunters calling me     08/24/2016
@Ray: We had one call for hubs. For a job in Indiana. Company never followed thru and never ... More »
Stuck at home so I decided to cook some stuff for mom     08/24/2016
@ctl74: That sounds good! I was just sitting here trying to figure out what to make lol... More »
manicure & Pedicure.....     08/23/2016
@WJo: You sound like me. Just Saturday I helped Hubby swap out his hatchbacks on his cars ha... More »
manicure & Pedicure.....     08/23/2016
@Fallon: It's so true!!!... More »
How did 1st day go for the adults     08/22/2016
@herron1345: I really really heart you dude!!! [img] More »
Ah, Sunday night     08/21/2016
I'm so nervous for all my kiddos going to school tomorrow especially my oldest who's heading to the ... More »
Strange things     08/21/2016
Anyone else watching this Netflix series?? We have 2 more episodes to go and loving it!... More »
A word     08/20/2016
Mmmmm slurpees! ... More »
Am I the only one     08/18/2016
@MarT: I have 3 junk drawers. Another drawer for my coupons/ads and another that has all our... More »
Am I the only one     08/17/2016
I don't have a drawer we have a basket in the fridge tho [img] More »
Is someone raising goats in Kings Mill?     08/17/2016
@Jpgurl: They used to own horses and would come walk around the neighborhood! ... More »
Starbucks Northpark is closed this morning (Wednesday)     08/17/2016
@terilyntx: Already started girl! The wreath went out yesterday and put my fall runner on my... More »
Starbucks Northpark is closed this morning (Wednesday)     08/17/2016
There is going to be a lot of cranky people in Kingwood today :giggle:... More »

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