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Dixie youth baseball     07/06/2015
[img][/img]... More »
Dixie youth baseball     07/06/2015
@sweetie: We won and then lost our second game :( Not sure what place we finished in just ... More »
Dixie youth baseball     07/05/2015
Your tball south regional team from East Montgomery have lost 1 game and won 3 so far! We play again... More »
Pete's vs. Bill's     07/04/2015
An episode of mtv's catfish was filmed at bills!... More »
....Lookin' A Lil' Sketchy There, @BooBear     07/04/2015
@herron1345: :laugh: OMG it does look like @boobear!!!!... More »
Yea Asian Markets     07/03/2015
@FoFa: Will you check for me if they carry those cute cats that wave their arms! I'm dying f... More »
Vera Bradley     07/03/2015
@topcat: Except for when your talking your friend into a $400 purse...and matching wallet...... More »
Burger King is/is NOT open     07/02/2015
@ctl74: Re only hugs so he can get a cheap feel!!!! :giggle:... More »
My dog's birthday party     07/01/2015
Awww man why wasn't I invited?!?! Did you invite the Ernesto over instead??... More »
Warning Beachgoers Going Galveston Area     07/01/2015
@Jpgurl: How beautiful! I love all the beaches! But my favorite so far is Sanibel ... More »
Warning Beachgoers Going Galveston Area     07/01/2015
@Jpgurl: Last year in Clearwater we had a dolphin swim about 10 feet from where we were swim... More »
It was our privilege     06/30/2015
Sorry I ended up staying over at work. District manager will be in tomorrow. Thank god I'm off for a... More »
hi ya     06/30/2015
@KTownTexican: Where ya at in ohio?????... More »
Shoutout thank you!     06/29/2015
@Brat: My kids and I have been moving those ones to the kings mill lake!... More »
Same Sex Marriage Legalized, So Can We Now Legalize Marijuana     06/29/2015
As far as I know the government knows NOTHING when it comes to Mary Jane. Why? Well because they can... More »
lemons     06/29/2015
@buddyboy: She gives them to her favorite people :wink:... More »
2 dogs found in Kings Mill     06/29/2015
Awwww I saw the sign that they were found. Poor babies.... More »
Well, I Just Had To Do It     06/28/2015
@SenseOfHumor: Ugh I just did the same!!! Wave at kirklands as you drive by. I'll be outside... More »
Small icons next to the mail icon     06/28/2015
@Retired_Engineer: Nah! He's a cool dude regardless!!!... More »
Opinions on best Chinese food in KW     06/28/2015
Hey @topcat, member that time I took you to that Chinese place in the ghetto lmao!!!! :giggle"... More »


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