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ADC thread share     08/25/2015
I am curious as to what happens! ... More »
omg!!! it happened     08/25/2015
@FoFa: We had a giant brown recluse spider today at work. When someone stepped on it (not me... More »
Anyone know the number     08/25/2015
@Burnsway: Which guy was it?... More »
Anyone know the number     08/25/2015
@Burnsway: GOOD LUCK!! Go down there and talk to someone. ... More »
@Fallon .....How Was The Boys First Day Back?     08/25/2015
@Fallon: I work 8 til 1 Thurs and Fri ;)... More »
We accepted an offer!     08/25/2015
@BooBear: I see what you did there..:laugh:... More »
@Fallon .....How Was The Boys First Day Back?     08/25/2015
@grinchy: Ummm...homie say what??... More »
We accepted an offer!     08/25/2015
@BBQguy: I know I will!!!!! Congrats y'all! ... More »
Cheater croaks himself....whup de doo....     08/24/2015
Luckily for me,I nor my husband was on that site :smile:... More »
Well the birthday dinner was a success!     08/24/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: Omg you 2 are the cutest things in the world!!!!!!!!... More »
.....So, I Met Kenneth (The Homeless Dude Posted Up By HEB)     08/24/2015
I really heart you so much @Herron1345 [img] More »
Purging mood...     08/24/2015
@herron1345: That's like a sin or something!! [img] More »
Purging mood...     08/24/2015
Ok girls before you start purging text me pics of what ya got and I'll take it off your hands..looki... More »
@Fallon .....How Was The Boys First Day Back?     08/24/2015
Awww girls you make me feel all fuzzy inside...youngest cried all morning today. He didn't like the ... More »
school     08/24/2015
@RogueHippEE: You are correct. Heard from our elementary principal that the time might not c... More »
school     08/24/2015
@ctl74: Yup! NCISD elementary students start the earliest...I hope this changes sometime. ... More »
school     08/24/2015
@Mahm: Our bus comes at 630...ugh!!!... More »
What should I get my wife for her 65th BD tomorrow?     08/23/2015
@Wooderson: Do it for your woman! She's a pretty awesome chick!... More »
solo whatcha' fixin to eat tnite??     08/23/2015
Hamburgers,corn on the cob,baked beans and Fried potatoes! :yum:... More »
MCAD Tax Protest     08/23/2015
@Mahm: We tried but apparently houses in kings mill are extremely hot right now.... More »


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