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HE IS RISEN!!     03/27/2016
Up from the grave he arose. With a mighty triumph over his foes. He arose the victor of the dark dom... More »
North park horrible!!     03/26/2016
It usually happens right after when a train has gone thru. Takes forever for the traffic to clear up... More »
@lululayla you're one cool chick!     03/25/2016
@LuluLayla: I had room temperature patron once....almost barfed it was so awful. Cold tequil... More »
brrrr good morning!     03/25/2016
As long as your in the sun it's so gorgeous outside! ... More »
What are they building by the Movie Theater     03/23/2016
@Pidro: I thought that sign was just who was funding the project ... More »
What are they building by the Movie Theater     03/22/2016
@angiekaye: I'd kill for one of those!!... More »
Not Feeling it... S7     03/22/2016
Not bring able to uninstall apps ticks me off about Samsung in general. I barely have enough room on... More »
FOUND LARGE GOLD & White Male CAT     03/22/2016
@bp2018: I thought the same thing too last night. ... More »
Costco!!!     03/21/2016
@JunkyB: Heck yah it was. And the berry sundae was super yummy and I doubt I'll be eating di... More »
Need Bat Enthusiast     03/21/2016
@Orchid: Try calling these guys at bat conservation international. They are out of Austin an... More »
Costco!!!     03/21/2016
The hot dogs here are pretty tasty. I am craving the sundae they have advertised lol... More »
Costco!!!     03/21/2016
@BooBear: You shut it! :laugh:... More »
Shout Out     03/21/2016
@herron1345: Thanks babes [img] More »
Shout Out     03/21/2016
This is kind of a sore subject with me. My oma spent the last few years in an assisted living facili... More »
What is everyone doing?     03/19/2016
@lola: I'm sorry sweetie :(... More »
What is everyone doing?     03/19/2016
@donnatella: Girl sign up for a membership at Costco and getcha some!!! ... More »
What is everyone doing?     03/19/2016
@BooBear: 72 free batteries and that's all your doing?!?!?!? I'm so disappointed in you ... More »
What is everyone doing?     03/19/2016
Laying on the couch browsing amazon while the oldest.son is playing madden online with his best frie... More »
What is everyone doing?     03/19/2016
@mm4731: Noone likes a smartass... More »
Post Your All-Time Favorite / Best Meme Ever!     03/18/2016
Cus that's so me lmao! [img][/... More »

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