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North Park     04/15/2016
Must be the reason for all the survey crews I've seen lately... More »
So...Who Wants A FREE Massage??     04/14/2016
My entire back is one huge knot. After the craptastic week I've had I could use one lol... More »
Underground     04/13/2016
Has anyone been watching this show? It's on wgn. We are loving it... More »
Going to Astros game tonite     04/13/2016
@pickles: Where'd you find the cheap tickets??... More »
Has Anyone Else Seen This??     04/13/2016
@mm4731, I know you only have a week left but Damn man! :giggle:... More »
Gotta get up at 4:15 am     04/12/2016
Ugh I've been up since 430 cleaning up puke...littlest guy is sick. Guess no school for him... More »
Gotta get up at 4:15 am     04/11/2016
Hubs has to do the same tomorrow too. He's finally coming back to the warmth lol!!! He got to deal w... More »
Which season would you choose?     04/11/2016
Fall because it means the holidays are coming and I love the holidays!... More »
boy it's really windy out here!     04/11/2016
@Ray: It was so windy it blew off the grill cover half way across the yard lol... More »
Dairy queen     04/10/2016
@klp1972: I wish they'd bring back Reese pieces blizzards...Culver's even stopped carrying r... More »
How is everyone topping off the weekend?     04/10/2016
Spent some time at Eisenhower park with my little guy and his best friend ... More »
'stros Finally Get A Win! Whoop Whoop!     04/09/2016
@herron1345: Girl I thought we were going to be on a losing streak there for a minute...... More »
Dairy queen     04/09/2016
@Andreweggplant: Me too and it's right by my house too... More »
Dairy queen     04/09/2016
So I am sitting here trying to figure out what to have for dinner. So I look up diary queen and this... More »
Buffalo Wild Wings is coming     04/09/2016
@Sniper12: Yes please do!... More »
North Park Dr     04/09/2016
They are putting in something in front of kings mill. This will make Northpark even worse... More »
HUGE Aldi Snacks Recall! Possible Pest Contamination From “Dirty Factory!!!”     04/07/2016
@Fallon: Girl my cheap a$$ still loves Aldi lmao!... More »
Warren's got punked last night!     04/07/2016
@Weathergirl5: I can say it was down by 945 when I drove by... More »
Warren's got punked last night!     04/07/2016
@GoldenGirl: LIFE IN PIECES!!!! We love that show!!!... More »
Kingwood Literacy     04/06/2016
@QueenB: Loon at you go!!! Do you need more books? I might be able to scrounge some up for y... More »

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