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It's official....     08/22/2015
There's a picture of y'all with duke?!?!?! How did I miss that??... More »
Good morning!     08/22/2015
And up again..this time he made it to the bathroom poor guy ... More »
Good morning!     08/22/2015
Ugh I'm up cleaning up :puke: no fun! ... More »
Astros     08/21/2015
Man that was nuts!! The Astros are kicking some butt!!!! GO 'STROS!... More »
Sooooo whuts 'fir supper tnight at YOUR place?     08/21/2015
Lasagna here!... More »
Sad to hear that my favorite radio station is going digital and HD only     08/21/2015
I mostly listen to xm radio. ... More »
Have you tried Uber?     08/20/2015
Have a few friends who love using it... More »
Rain Today     08/20/2015
I stayed home til after lunch then ran and finished up my school shopping. All we needed was bookbag... More »
Hello people!!     08/20/2015
@staylifted: I was not sure that's why I asked!... More »
WAZE APP     08/20/2015
We used it on our way to and from new Orleans. Worked really well and completely took around traffic... More »
Hello people!!     08/20/2015
@Chricardenas: Please explain this screename. We are all royally gunna screw that one up ... More »
Now he admits it..     08/20/2015
I always think it's funny when people act a certain way to everyone when really behind closed doors ... More »
Chricardenas - Welcome to the Forums!     08/20/2015
Homie say what now?... More »
CPR     08/20/2015
Also check out the ymca ... More »
I hate this game ...     08/20/2015
Mushrooms are really my favorite ... More »
Well would ya look at that!     08/20/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: HA! I WISH!!... More »
Well would ya look at that!     08/20/2015
@mm4731: The game rocksmith and the amp that goes with the games guitar. Oldest paid for it ... More »
Well would ya look at that!     08/20/2015
@QueenB: Haha I guess so! Apparently the manager is on the phone ... More »
Well would ya look at that!     08/20/2015
@QueenB: Yup and yet here I stand at the post office for the last 15 minutes waiting!!!!!!... More »
Well would ya look at that!     08/20/2015
@green516: Call 18002221811 once you put in the tracking number say "customer service" they ... More »


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