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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2016     05/05/2016
Don't forget the walk is this Saturday at Christ the king Lutheran church! I will be there with my l... More »
Hospital update     05/05/2016
Glad to hear your on the mend!... More »
Century Link in Kings Mill     05/04/2016
@nesacarrio22: Ours has been going off and on lately. You?... More »
Headed to Walmart with my MiL     05/04/2016
This makes me miss my oma and the years I spent taking care of her...she loved running to aldi and w... More »
My little racer     05/04/2016
@OldGuy: Haha I will!!! ... More »
My little racer     05/03/2016
@J2911: He found them at the puma outlet for $25!!! It's all he talked about to his racing bud... More »
My little racer     05/03/2016
Here he is mid race [img] More »
My little racer     05/03/2016
My middle son was never big into sports so in an effort to find something he would like we signed hi... More »
I Wish For All Of You....     05/03/2016
@Nurse3: I have it in my goals for 2016 to meet my soul sister! ... More »
Day 2 of being unemployed     05/03/2016
@BooBear: You shut your mouth.. :laugh: ... More »
Y'all I need some major good vibes and prayers     05/02/2016
Many prayers for you hun. ... More »
I will be off this forum for a while, My DAD died tonight     05/02/2016
Sorry for your loss @ray. Prayers going out to you and your family ... More »
Snapchat app     05/01/2016
@Odin: :laugh: ... More »
Snapchat app     04/30/2016
@donnatella: On fb you did!!! ... More »
local tattoo artist     04/30/2016
@staylifted: I never can fully understand when people say "ya looking for someone to permane... More »
local tattoo artist     04/30/2016
I'm a dummy. Forgot to add the picture [img] More »
local tattoo artist     04/30/2016
I use big kountry at magic needle on 1960. He does great work. Did this tat on my.back. it is in my.... More »
Snapchat app     04/30/2016
@KingwoodDotCom: Haha your puppy's are adorable!!!... More »
Snapchat app     04/30/2016
@Odin: Wonder who that was :wink:... More »
Snapchat app     04/30/2016
@donnatella: OK your either barely on there or I'm missing yours lol! Probably unfriended me... More »

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