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@yankeejessica .....Thanks, Dude....     02/21/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Need a new nail tech     02/19/2016
I use the older gentleman at j&k nails. And I also do the overlay.... More »
Unclaimed TX Property     02/19/2016
Well shoot I seriously never would have thought to look up anything in Texas since we haven't been h... More »
Unclaimed TX Property     02/19/2016
I did this in Ohio in November and hubs and I both had $30 waiting. Even looked up the inlays cus th... More »
Costco Membership     02/18/2016
They open March 18th with a special preopening March 17th. Not sure on times as I just happened to s... More »
Re: Local Florist Is Paying It Forward     02/18/2016
@bbqguy BUAHAHAHAHAHA :LAUGH: your expression kills me!... More »
Enjoy the beautiful DAY!!!     02/16/2016
@foxymama: No on the flu shot. ... More »
Enjoy the beautiful DAY!!!     02/16/2016
@donnatella: Good idea since I even have some in the fridge! ... More »
Enjoy the beautiful DAY!!!     02/16/2016
I'm down for the count with the outside for me today... More »
Grammys     02/15/2016
My boy Dave is there!!! Even brought the pereservation hall band out of new Orleans with him!!!... More »
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!     02/14/2016
[img][/img]... More »
The smell of bleach     02/13/2016
@terilyntx: I always have thought the same thing!!!... More »
Where to get good Fish Fry on Fridays around here?     02/12/2016
@ctl74: Stttttooppp!!! *drool* *heavy breathing* ... More »
Where to get good Fish Fry on Fridays around here?     02/12/2016
@ctl74: Why did I know it was you who posted this without even looking lol ! I miss the chur... More »
For Starbucks fans only..     02/11/2016
Either a caramel iced coffee or shaken sweet tea. And if your a gold card holder you get free refill... More »
When are they going to turn on the stop light?     02/11/2016
I can't wait for that light to be turned on! I have 2 kiddos at Woodridge and it's a pain in the rea... More »
Life flight     02/10/2016
Is that what's going on? I can see it back porch [img] More »
Kingwood Park HS parents     02/10/2016
@Nurse3: I think we should start a mom.of teenage boys support group lol!! ... More »
Water color brown     02/09/2016
@Katzen: Ummm no we dont. ... More »
Facebook Crap we hate     02/09/2016
I recently reconnected with a friend I had lost touch with over 15 years ago! I tried to find her so... More »

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