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School clothes shopping already     07/13/2016
@Champagnechola: It was just all lousy very cheap crayons and markers and even the paper was... More »
2/3 of Americans Financially Feeble Minded     07/12/2016
The barely touched on the subject when I was in high school and are not teaching it at all with the ... More »
Hotel     07/12/2016
We stayed at the LA Quinta here a few times before we finally.moved's super nice and has a ... More »
People! I swear....     07/11/2016
@Brat: It would happen all the time when I worked at kirklands!! I finally got fed up and to... More »
Okay, what is with all of the Pokemon hysteria?     07/11/2016
@podunk: My 12 and 15 year old sons do this and im always afraid they will get made fun of l... More »
Okay, what is with all of the Pokemon hysteria?     07/11/2016
@donnatella: BP knows!! Ask her! ... More »
Redshirting kindergarten     07/11/2016
@pickles: Haha my sons b day is Sept I just kept in the preschool program at Christ ... More »
When was the last time you saw fireflies?     07/11/2016
We were up in Cleveland last Friday on my friends property and saw them. It was so awesome and the a... More »
Adults     07/10/2016
@donnatella: Amen sistah! Or you could be like my husband and be to lazy to do either an... More »
What's for supper??     07/10/2016
Italianos!!... More »
A little heart emoji?!?     07/09/2016
@mm4731: So close yet so far :laugh:... More »
My parents are gonna be mad at me     07/09/2016
@pickles: Haha my friend kay went to that concert last night too!!!... More »
Having a few     07/08/2016
@herron1345: My boys rocked it tonight!! GO STROS!!... More »
Having a few     07/08/2016
@staylifted: GO STROS!!... More »
School clothes shopping already     07/08/2016
Woodridge middle did those dumb school Supply packs and it was the most idiotic thing ever! I still ... More »
Two police officer shot     07/07/2016
@djchavez0921: Couple minutes late ;) someone reported it already ... More »
What's Being Built Next To The Theater     07/07/2016
@podunk: Especially our insides from eating all that junk lol... More »
No Prescription on meds check my web ..     07/07/2016
@donnatella: There you are! We've been waiting for you!! Lol!... More »
Pit Bull Attacks in Spring     07/07/2016
Ooo look what I found! A child was attacked by a rottweiler/lab mix! Ban them all! More »
Pit Bull Attacks in Spring     07/07/2016
@doddlebug: Get out of here..I didn't say a dang word home girl. Your obsession with pitbull... More »

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