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I need this in my life asap     08/05/2016
My sister from Ohio just sent me this picture. I love resee cups and pieces and this is just amazing... More »
This years vacation     08/05/2016
@saltwaterfisherman: Nope we're from northeast Ohio. Hubby has been a loyal ND fan since day... More »
How can humans be so inhumane?     08/04/2016
The boy in striped pajamas is another great one... More »
This years vacation     08/04/2016
@ctl74: You know all these times we have visited NOTRE dame we still haven't made it to the ... More »
Houston's Shopping Cart Problem     08/04/2016
It's to bad more places couldn't do like Aldis does with their carts! That would solve a lot of issu... More »
This years vacation     08/04/2016
@ctl74: Yes please do!!!!... More »
Tax-Free Shopping This Weekend     08/03/2016
This is why I went on Monday and got my kiddos all they needed. You couldn't pay me to be anywhere n... More »
Sausage Party - August 12     08/03/2016
Omg bad moms was a great movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must see it if your a girl/woman!!... More »
This years vacation     08/03/2016
@Fallon: And that is exactly it. No one really appreciates what we have to go through to com... More »
BIC Cristal Pens     08/03/2016
@Fallon: I did the same as you this year and was all finished in about an hour. Not much els... More »
This years vacation     08/03/2016
@Maisey1: You are so lucky to have that tho. I miss family vacations!! So glad we could do t... More »
This years vacation     08/03/2016
It's in all honesty times like these that tick me off. We use up 2 weeks of my husbands vacation to ... More »
This years vacation     08/03/2016
Well we try to at least take 1 good vacation but this year just didn't seem to work out. Inlaws came... More »
Hillary's America     08/02/2016
@herron1345: Nope. Regular with Italian sausage,sauce,green peppers and permasan cheese. I p... More »
Worst Movie You Have Seen     08/02/2016
@starryskies67: I kinda liked showgirls. But may be a little biased as I liked it for prince... More »
Worst Movie You Have Seen     08/02/2016
@beastmode: But my man crush plays the guy. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Yummmmy... More »
Hillary's America     08/02/2016
Girl got good taste in pizza tho...I would do unspeakable things for a 12" roses favorite right now.... More »
Amedeos Birthday Lunch - Many Thanks, Joe......     08/01/2016
Happy birthday to my partner in crime!!!!!!! [img] More »
Can you block private messages?     07/31/2016
@thechad @kingwooddotcom ^^^^^^^... More »
Volunteer opportunities     07/31/2016
@donnatella: Haha oh ok. Sorry I was only 1 cup of coffee into my day. Not fully functional ... More »

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