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This weather makes me think it will soon look like this outside!     10/03/2015
@beadweaver: That makes me miss home :(... More »
What Is Something You Have Never Had?     10/03/2015
A daughter. I do have 2 nieces that's as close as I'll ever get! ... More »
Favorite Kind of French fry     10/03/2015
@thetarget9: You put that s*** on everything! :laugh:... More »
Favorite Kind of French fry     10/03/2015
@SenseOfHumor: Oh man we miss Kennywood!!!!!... More »
Today     10/02/2015
I'm so confused...I know my doctor usually asks me to pee in a cup just for when i get my annual che... More »
Pedestrian hit by train     10/02/2015
Kings manor just called me to let us know about the incident. All the kids are ok but they may be ho... More »
Plant Explosion in Pasadena     10/02/2015
@herron1345: Aww thanks my love! [img] More »
Train stopped at Kings Manor entrance     10/02/2015
Utoh there's an elementary school there too. ... More »
it's freaking cold outside     10/02/2015
It feels glorious!! & @boobear wth you doing up so early????... More »
Tattoo biz suggestions     10/02/2015
Yup same as above. I have 6 tattoos and you wouldn't know it. I love them and am looking into gettin... More »
Izzit your birthday? Well when it IS, this is what you can get     10/01/2015
I miss friendlys!!!! The kids used to love to go for their birthday and get sung to. They shut down ... More »
My husband's job     10/01/2015
@sooner34: Yes it is. ... More »
My husband's job     10/01/2015
Is extremely dangerous. Everyday I pray he comes home ok. Rip to this guy. He has 2 small children. ... More »
deal infrared thermometer     09/30/2015
Boys simmer down. Lol As my.hubby has said to me before,"harbour freight is good cus when ya brea... More »
My last day!     09/30/2015
@friday1: They did? They are putting up a new building on Northpark ... More »
How's the commute on NP everyday??     09/30/2015
This will be nice for when I pick up and drop off my middle schoolers at woodridge forest... More »
it takes some people longer     09/30/2015
@MarT: Yup 3 here too! 14,12 & 7. I'M DOOMED!!!... More »
it takes some people longer     09/30/2015
@BooBear: BUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA :laugh: I'm waiting for the day my kid does this crap cus ya ... More »
Early release     09/30/2015
I really would like to know what the difference between humble isd and ncisd and why y'all have so m... More »
Do you think we will have a COLD winter?     09/30/2015
@BooBear: Its almost ugg boot season!!! ... More »


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